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Hair Masks For Thin Dry Hair

by Fashionlady
Hair Masks For Dry Hair

Hair Masks For Dry Hair

A very important item in the beauty agenda of a girl is to make her tresses look lustrous and beautiful. For that she has to turn to salons from time to time. However, there are DIY masks for thin hair available that can benefit you and your hair in the comfort of your home and cost-effectively. So get back your confidence and start applying homemade hair masks. It’s a salute to zero error and harmless natural treatments.

Chocolate Mask

Get on a ride to lovely looking bouncy hair in no time with chocolate mask.


  • 2 tbsp cocoa
  • warm milk
  • 1 tbsp jojoba oil
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1 tbsp avocado oil

Procedure: First of all, mix all the ingredients. Pour a few drops of essential oils such as lemon, lavender, geranium or cedar wood and apply it to your hair locks. Now wrap up your hair in a plastic bag and leave it for an hour. Once done, then rinse off the mask and do your shampoo and conditioner.

Chocolate Mask For Thin Dry Hair

Source: wearandcheer.com

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Beer & Egg Yolk Mask

This kind of hair mask is so nutrilicious for your hair that it will make flat hair seem fuller in no time. Worth trying!


  • 1 egg yolk
  • 50 ml beer

Procedure: Combine egg yolk and beer and apply it on your wet hair. Now wrap them up in a plastic bag and allow it to sit for 30 minutes. Then follow it up with the shampoo and conditioner.

Beer and Egg Yolk Mask For Thin Dry Hair

Source: wearandcheer.com

Lemon Rinse

Yes most of us with fine hair complain with greasy hair in the roots and dry ends. In order to brighten up the hair, lemon is a good remedy.


  • Lemon Juice
  • 50 ml beer


Procedure: Make equal parts of freshly squeezed lemon juice and water. Massage this into your hair and after 5 minutes rinse it off. Not only will this be nice smelling for dry and fine hair, you can apply it after your usual shampooing and conditioner.

Lemon Hair Masks For Dry Hair

Source: wearandcheer.com


How can one forget the good old avocado which makes dull, lifeless hair bounce back to absolute joy? There are several avocado benefits for hair and skin. Talking about hair in particular, here’s an effective recipe. Read on.



  • Oats flakes
  • milk, castor oil
  • Vitamin A

Procedure: Mix 3 tbsp each of castor oil, milk and Vitamin A to oats. When the mask gets ready, massage it to your scalp and leave it to rest for about 20-30 minutes. Now wash it off and see the bounce in your hair get back.

Oat Hair Masks For Dry Hair

Source: wordpress.com

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Potato and Aloe Vera Mask

Hair fallout is a pestering problem that dampens our mood. Thankully, there is a wonderful mask in potato and aloe vera.


  • 1 Potato
  • 2 tbsp aloe vera gel
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 1 ampoule of Vitamins A & E

Procedure: Peel off a potato and press its juice. Now use this juice by combining it with the ingredients mentioned above and rub it into your scalp. Leave it for two hours. Not only would this serve as a good head massage it would help restore hair volume. To get best results, repeat this more than once a week on your hair.

Aloe Vera Masks For Dry Hair

Source: wearandcheer.com

As you can see, winning the battle against dull and lifeless hair is now easy and effective. Happy Hair Masking!

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