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All You Need To Know About Halal Cosmetics

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Halal Cosmetics For beauty

Just as we have brands that cater to vegan makeup, we too have halal cosmetics, which means that only certain permissible ingredients pertaining to Islamic Law can be used. So what it basically means, any cosmetic that has animal products in it or alcohol too, are not halal products. The makeup that is both cruelty-free and alcohol-free can be safely labeled halal cosmetics.

Halal Cosmetics

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Want to know more about halal cosmetics? Go ahead and read this post!

What Is The Concept Of Halal Cosmetics All About?

While the makeup products and cosmetics are not being consumed, most Muslims across the world believe that anything that is applied to the body topically should follow the halal standards too. Hence you would find a range of halal cosmetics list both available online and offline, catering to the specifications.

Are Halal Cosmetics Popular?

Yes, indeed there is a high demand and people across the world are searching for halal cosmetics lists which they can keep follow and buy. The social media is also abuzz with newer halal cosmetics lists every day.

Even famous makeup artists on Instagram and Facebook, YouTube too such as Nura Afia, Laiba Zaid and Irene Khan too are known to be well-known users of the halal cosmetics list. They are celebs who use halal cosmetics and are inspiring their Muslim sisters to come forth and do the same.

With the spread of awareness through social media and word of mouth too, halal cosmetics are in high demand, and that is why we have a large number of brands catering to the same.

One of the best sellers would be the halal nail polish amongst the many cosmetics on the halal cosmetics list. It is known that Muslim women do ablution before they start praying. As the use of water can oxidize the nail polish they wear, they prefer wearing one that conforms to the halal norms while performing their rituals.

Some of the big halal cosmetics brands follow the same. For example, Inglot is a brand which has started selling ‘breathable nail polish’, and it has been a huge hit with the Muslim community the world over ever since they launched it a few years back. As finally, Muslim women could rock their nails in pretty colors and without compromising on their traditional sensibilities.

Following the success, Inglot got other brands too wanted to crack the halal formula. They came up with a range of halal cosmetics and makeup lines, nail polishes, and more. Some companies went all the way to get halal-certified to gain a loyal customer base!

Are Halal Makeup And Vegan Cosmetics The Same?

In the recent past, there have been cosmetic brands that have started catering to the vegan group too, as people these days are very conscious about using ethical products.

Are vegan makeup, the same as halal cosmetics? NO! Vegan and halal makeup, both are cruelty-free and have no animal products in them, but vegan cosmetics may have alcohol content in them, which is a strict no-no for the Muslim women.

What Are The Top Halal Cosmetics Brands In The World?

Some of the best-selling halal cosmetics brands in the world include the following:

  1. MAYA Cosmetics
  1. LUSH
  1. TARTE
  1. Salima Skin Solutions

Top 9 Halal Cosmetic Brands In India:

Now let’s take a look at a list of the brands that offer halal cosmetics in India.

1. Zahara:

Two sisters Amira and Alia founded Zahara as they wanted to create a brand which was halal-certified and offer makeup that is cruelty-free, long lasting, and outstanding. The brand is known for the large range of makeup products it offers, from palettes to liquid lipsticks and mascaras too, it has it all.

One of the most popular cosmetics from this label would be the breathable Oxygen Nail Polish. It is long lasting and comes in a range of pretty colors too. The brand also believes in offering products that are alcohol-free, its nail polish remover is a classic example.


Source: media.halaltrip.com


3. FX Cosmetics:

FX Cosmetics is a well-known UK brand of halal cosmetics. It believes in giving makeup lovers quality beauty products that are cruelty-free. The FX cosmetics have only natural ingredients in them and minerals too!

There is always something for everyone from the huge range of eyeshadow palettes it has to the wide array of lip colors too. It even has an extensive range of liquid foundations and an assortment of gel lip liners as well.

If you love colorful makeup, FX cosmetics is the best bet to brighten up your looks- from simple lip shades to the dramatic eyeshadows, you get all of them under one banner.

FX Cosmetics

Source: thesuccess.pk

4. Tuesday In Love:

Tuesday In Love is another famous halal cosmetics brand which is known to bring to the world a lot of high-quality makeup products. This makeup company based out of Canada is known for its impressive range of nail polishes that are water permeable.

You can pick a nail shade to match your mood, right from dark shades to metallics and even pastels too. What’s more, this brand also offers a wide range of pretty lip shades which includes matte finish ones as well for you to try and wear.

Tuesday In Love

Source: halaltrip.com

5. IBA Halal Care:

Talking about halal cosmetics in India, you have to learn about IBA Halal Care. First of all, amongst the brands of halal cosmetics in India, this one is vegan too.

It is an eco-friendly brand that has no animal products in it but only natural ingredients. The brand offers a wide range of lipstick colors for you to pick and choose from. If that is not all, this halal cosmetic giant offers fragrances and beauty, skin and hair care products too!

IBA Halal Care

Source: dnaindia.com

6. PHB Ethical Beauty:

Another great brand for those who want to use halal cosmetics would be the one based in UK- PHB ETHICAL BEAUTY. The brand is ethically conscious and believes in no cruelty to animals. It also believes in corporate social responsibility, which is why it donates about twenty percent of its profits to various charities around the UK and the world.

The brand boasts a large range of impressive halal and vegan cosmetics, besides hair and skin care products. Its mineral foundation, organic eyeliners, and lip glosses are some of the best selling halal makeup to date. Even its makeup brushes are one of its hot-selling products.

PHB Ethical Beauty

Source: trendhunter.com

7. Sampure Minerals:

Sampure Minerals is another UK-based well-known halal cosmetics brand which has only halal-certified and vegetarian products on sale, made from natural ingredients.

Some of its best sellers would be the mineral loose powders, and the eyeshadow palette sets too. The cosmetic company allows you to check out samples before you pick and choose what to buy so that you know what works best for you.

Sampure Minerals

Source: cosmoprof.com

8. Talent Cosmetics:

For those of you who love to spend on South Korean makeup products, here is Talent Cosmetics for you, and the brand even caters to skin care as well.

It is a cosmetic giant that specializes in halal-certified beauty range and a brand that every Muslim girl would love to add to her makeup regimen. There are high-quality body care products too for you to pick and choose from.

Talent Cosmetics

Source: talentcosme.com

9. Amara Halal Cosmetics:

Amara Halal Cosmetics, from North America, is a company known to provide makeup that is natural and alcohol-free. The brand is halal-certified for sure and all its products are vegan-friendly and plant-based as well.

Some of its best sellers are colorful eyeshadows and the water permeable nail polishes too, and even the makeup brushes are in high demand as well. The brand’s organic lipsticks sell off like hot cakes, so do check out its range of halal cosmetics.

Amara Halal Cosmetics

Source: salaamgateway.com

So here were the names of halal cosmetics available in India and from across the world that can be found online and bought by the click of a mouse.

Things To Remember While Buying Halal Cosmetics:

Now let’s take a look at some tips on how to choose halal cosmetics online or from a brick and mortar store. Here are some important things you need to keep in mind.

  1. When you read the label, look for ‘Animal Fat’ or ‘Fat-Free’ to know whether a product is halal-certified or not.
  1. If the label mentions ingredients like cochineal or carmine- it is not a halal product then.
  1. Watch out for the mention of Oleic acid on the product label, which is obtained from pork or beef. It is not used in halal products.
  1. Check for the presence of keratin in the products, which is obtained from sheep wool or cashmere goat. Any mention of it on the product label makes it a non-halal cosmetic.
  1. Any mention of lanolin alcohol in the ingredient list means it’s not a halal product.
  1. Only gelatin from fish is used in halal cosmetics, the rest are not allowed.
  1. Glycerine derived from plant sources can be used in halal-certified products, the rest are not allowed.

We hope this post on halal cosmetics enlightened you to choose and pick brands that are cruelty-free and au naturale too.

If you liked this post please give us a thumbs-up. Also, if you know the names of more halal cosmetic brands, please share them with other makeup lovers in the comments box below. We would love to hear from you!

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