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Headgears That You Must Own

by Fashionlady
womens Headgears

Headgears for womens
Fashion is all about having the right kind of elements. So whether you are investing in a good pair of shoes or some good headgear, you have to be on top of the form. In the recent past, headgears have come quite into focus. Headgears are now not considered cumbersome anymore. They are stylist elements for your attire and can come in a lot of forms. Let’s get down to the basics:

Headgear 1: Hats

Hats are the ubiquitous style element. Whether you want to camouflage your hair, or add some oomph to your dress, hats can be the perfect style element. Hats are very versatile and can come in tons of different shapes and sizes.

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Here are some of them:


The all-time famous Fedora is donned by celebs all the time-Especially because this wide brimmed hat can easily get rid of the paparazzi. Fedoras are mostly brown, so if you are wearing an outfit with too much brown in it, you might just avoid the brown fedora. However, for an all-black outfit, a brown fedora is perfect to break the monotony.

womens brown fedora hat

Source: aelida.com

Leather Baseball Cap:

One of the chicest of them all, the baseball cap can lend quite an edge to your outfit. It looks perfect with dresses and boots and you can easily wear them for a day out or even a date!

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Headgears Leather Baseball Cap

Source: pinimg.com

Straw Hats:

The perfect accessory for the beach, the summer hats can not only look stylish but can also shield you from the harsh UV rays. Make sure you invest in one which is wide brimmed and can easily cover your face. The bigger the better! It is a staple at the beach, but you can also wear to picnics or a day out.

womens Straw Hats

Source: images-amazon.com

Here is a guide to different hat types

Different hat types

Headgear 2: Flower Crowns

The best way to channel your inner hippie goddess! Flower crowns are everywhere-from beaches to bachelorettes to even concerts! Everyone is sporting some or the other form of flower crown. Though most of these are made of artificial flowers, a few adventurous ones also wear those made from real flowers!

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Flower Crowns for womens

Source: whicdn.com


Source: pinimg.com

Headgear 3: Scarves

The best way to hide a bad hair day and look chic at the same time is to have a head scarf! You can rock them on your neck and also on your head! There are tons of tutorials on YouTube which will help you wear scarves in ten different ways. The scarves are also an effective way to protect your hair from the elements of weather. So next time you go out on the beach, make sure you protect your hair right.

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headscarves for womens

Source: ytimg.com

Did you see how you can incorporate headgears in your closet? Make sure you have one of these next time you go out!

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