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Poison Ivy Makeup Tips – Spinsters Party Gone Wild

by Fashionlady
poison ivy costume and make up idea

Poison Ivy Makeup Tips
You’ve been waiting to get all naughty with the gal-pals and the spinster’s party is all well-planned too, why should boys have all the fun eh! A spinster’s party is a time when you and your girls can get all whacky and crazy, dress up and get wasted too. In short, you can with your girls have fun being all dramatic, sharing spinster stories and yes, go a little wild too, ahem! Get a little more innovative girls, it is time to bring out the wild Poison Ivy daring makeup do, this evening! Here are three fun Poison Ivy makeup ideas to flaunt!

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The green monstrous read head babe

Christmas is far-far away, and we aren’t going to allow Grunge to ruin the mood tonight. Let’s get creative, shall we?

  • False eyelashes
  • Red wigs
  • Deep dark green eye pencils
  • Green and red eye shadow
  • Foundation and concealer
  • Grey lenses for the eyes
  • Matte lips
poison ivy makeup ideas

Source: blogspot.ca

Various shades of green eyelids

Be a little classier than the rest having their vodkas and lemonades, and play with the imagination. Our second idea here would be an innovative one for sure, one where the eyelids would be the centre of attention.


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  • Bright pouty red lips
  • Dark green eyeshadow
  • Intense dark rimmed eyes
  • Floating mistletoe leaves for the hair
  • Red wigs
poison ivy eye makeup

Source: flickr.com

Go all crystal and embellished

Back with a bang, crystals as embellishments have taken the world of fashion and makeup by storm. Poison Ivy too has agreed to undergo a change and evolve into an exotic night time princess as well. For the look you would need:

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  • Tiny eco-friendly makeup crystals for the corner of the eyes
  • Shimmery green eyeshadow
  • Bronzer
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Glossy deep red lipstick
poison ivy eye shadow

Source: makeupbee.com

Get wimpish, get glossy, get all wild and be ready to rock the night, because this is one last chance for you to go bonkers before entering the realm of marital bliss. Be the reason why other girl’s burn with envy and get as creative or innovative as you want to be with the Poison Ivy look, because no one’s stopping you tonight.

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We hope you loved the three chic styles not spoken much about, and maybe the real Poison Ivy moments in you would come out through and through. If someone else wants to beat you to the look at the spinster’s party, they wouldn’t stand a chance. Maybe at your friend’s spinster party, you should try the Rockabilly look! What say?

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