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Here Are 5 Makeup Hacks That Help You Get Fuller Lips Within Minutes

by Fashionlady
Beautiful Lips

Fuller Lips

Makeup hacks for everyone, and this time it is for those who have thin lips and would like a fat pout without the need to undergo surgery. Yes, you read that right.

How To Get Full Lips

Here are five makeup hacks that would help you get that full pout in a jiffy. Read them and try these makeup hacks now!

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1. Focus On The Over Lining Of Lips

When you naturally over line the lips, you get to have fuller lips to flaunt. Think of your liner as your bestie, however, when choosing lip liner, be subtle on the shades you choose, or else it would look too grungish or clownish, and that is something you don’t want happening. Colors such as plums and wines would work best with the over lining, but ensure to smudge them inwards with a lighter shade to create fat lips and a balanced look too.

Lip Care Tips

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2. Focus On The Natural Cupid Bow

The cupid bow is the arch to say so situated on the upper lip, and hence when lining the lips we would look at choosing a lip liner closest to the tone of the lips. For fuller lips or full lips, when choosing lips makeup it would be wise to use sketching motions on the cupids bow. An inverted V shape is the best to use which helps enhance the cupids bow and lays more emphasis on the same. The center should be dipped into and the edges should be either rounded or made conical on either side that helps the lips stay full and nice.


Full Lips

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3. Cinnamon To The Rescue

This is one of the best beauty hacks on how to get fuller lips or how to plump lips in an instant. Most women and celebrities use this formula, which is easily found in the kitchen. Just ensure you are not allergic to cinnamon though. A touch of cinnamon is more than enough to plump your lips, before you apply lipstick. What you need to do is to first exfoliate your lips, after which you must moisturize it. Take a pinch of cinnamon powder and rub it on the lips, followed by the application of lipstick. The spice irritates the skin on the lips and makes them swell nice and thick for sometime. If you want to use a little coconut oil with the spice, go ahead and form a paste to do so.

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How To Get Fuller Lips

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4. Lip Plumping Method

Most makeup artists wont tell you this, but this is a trade secret we shall let out on getting fuller lips naturally. Take a darker shade of lipstick and apply it all over your lips, leaving the center of the top and bottom. The center now should be dabbed with a lighter shade of the same hue or color and blended into the lip skin on either side. This helps create a gradient and a blend so perfect, that it seems your lips have plumped up naturally.

Fuller Lips Naturally

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5. Use Gloss

White liner and gloss for lips can help plump the lips soon. What you need to do is to use glossy reds for the outer lips and for the middle, dab the portion with white eye liner. Wait for a second and then use a blending brush to mix the colors well. Use a lighter pink or red in the center over the white liner and blend the pigments into the lips. You now have fuller lips to fake!

How To Plump Lips

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Well , you know what they say. Fake it till you make it. And that is exactly what we showed you for full lips to have in five easy weasy ways. Have fun girls and pout away while taking those selfies! You don’t need to let the world know your lips aren’t full enough, and that’s our secret! Do let us know if you have your own tips on how to make your lips fuller the easy way with home ingredients and using makeup hacks or maybe lip care tips for lovely lips and beautiful lips to have too!

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