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Here’s All There Is To Know About Natural Black Hair Wigs And Their Maintenance

by Fashionlady
Black Hair Wig Maintenance

natural black hair wigs

There was a time when wigs were considered ‘costume’ and were only used by professional actors, but that is no longer the case at present. With easy access to wigs of different lengths, styles and colors online, there has been an increasing number of women opting for wigs to combat their hair issues. From a desire for a different look to wanting to cover up bald spots as a result of hair fall, more and more women are looking at wigs as a viable way to deal with their mane issues.

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Maintaining a wig properly is a crucial step in ensuring that the wig stays intact and lasts long. Black Hair Wig Maintenance can be particularly cumbersome if you are not aware of how exactly to go about it. But worry not, we are going to give you a run down on the steps involved in maintaining natural black hair wigs.

Black Hair Wig Maintenance – How To Maintain Wig

Depending on whether your wig is made of human hair or synthetic fiber, you need to maintain it accordingly. The basic difference between a human hair wig and a synthetic wig is that human hair wigs can be styled and colored and pretty much treated like how you would treat your hair (albeit with care), while synthetic wigs are heat-sensitive and so cannot be styled using a straightening or curling iron. Also, synthetic wigs cannot be colored.

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Natural Black Hair Wigs Maintenance

Black human hair wigs need to be treated very gently as they are more prone to wear and tear. When the hair is not attached to the scalp, it becomes fragile. So treating your natural black hair wigs with care is important in order to have them looking nice and feeling soft to the touch.

Cleaning and Maintaining The Wig

If your wig needs to be washed, then you need to start by reading the instructions (if any) that came with it. Following the instructions given will help you maintain your wig and prolong its life. If there are no instructions provided, then follow these general guidelines to wash your wig.

  • Before washing the wig you need to prep it for the wash. Use a wig brush, which is specially designed to gently brush the wig and de-tangle any knots, to brush out the wig.

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  • Once that is done, wet the wig in running water to get it damp.


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  • Next, use a wig-friendly shampoo (phosphate and sulphate-free shampoo) to cleanse the wig. Take your time and be really gentle with the shampooing process as this is when the hair is most prone to getting tangled.
  • Rinse the wig in cold running water, ensuring that no traces of the shampoo lingers.
  • Use a spray-on wig conditioner (phosphate and sulphate-free) to give your wig a nice smooth look.
  • For best results, dry your wig by placing it on a wig stand. This will allow the wig to dry and retain its shape. Air-drying is the best option as blow drying can damage the hair and also make it frizzy and unmanageable. Wait till your wig is completely dry before gently brushing it.
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Styling The Wig

If your wig does not suit your face, then you might want to get it styled. Styling a wig involves cutting and setting it in a manner that suits a person’s face cut and features. Going to a professional to get your wig styled to suit your face is the wise thing to do. Cutting the wig yourself is not recommended as, if you go wrong, you will end up ruining your wig.

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So there you go; that is pretty much all you need to know when it comes to maintaining and caring for a wig.

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