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Hollywood Celebs Who Look Extremely Gorgeous in Indian Wear

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Hollywood Celebs in Indian Wear

Hollywood Celebs in Indian Wear

Sarees have quite a quintessential charm. Indian women can make men weak in their knees, but when firangi celebs wear them, they just glam up the quotient like never before. Here are some celebs rocking our Indian apparels with so much élan!

Pussycat Dolls Glam It up With Black

Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like them? Pussycat Dolls, with their taut tummies and 10/10 figures glammed up the red carpet in a slightly different version of a saree. Nevertheless they managed to look ethereal.

Pussycat Dolls in indian wear

Source: blogspot.com

Naomi’s Black Magic

The supermodel of the yesteryears hasn’t lost her charm. Her sexy black and gold saree and her satin petticoat gave a totally different dimension to her saree game! Kudos for being such a show stopper Naomi!

Naomi in indian saree

Source: blogspot.com

Victoria Beckham’s Red Avatar

She looked like a fierce bride in her Red and Gold saree. She matched the saree with the right accessories and managed to steal the show!

Victoria beckham in indian wear

Source: idiva.com

Selena Gomez Decided To Go With A Maroon Saree

Justin Bieber would have surely fallen in love with her yet again! Yes, Selena managed to look ethereal in the maroon saree she wore. The only thing missing from her look was a smile. Selena! Why didn’t you smile?

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Selena gomez in saree

Madonna’s Blues

She certainly did not look blue in her gorgeous blue saree. She managed to drape it differently, but looked great anyway! The Material Girl sure knows how to rock anything and everything!

Madonna in indian wear

Source: stylebestfashion.com


Julia Roberts, the Golden Girl

The Pretty Woman star looked like a goddess in her gold saree. Beautifully embellished and oh-so-gorgeous, Julia Roberts managed to really rock the saree in the most beautiful way.

Hollywood actress julia in saree

Source: mediacentrum.sk

Cameron Diaz’s Sensual Look

How can she make it look so sensual? Cameron Diaz’s saree game is on point with the beautiful red saree which she casually draped around herself. Give us some tips will you?

Cameron diaz saree

Source: ticketsmove.com

Ashley Judd and Her Purple Avatar

She glided down the Aids Benefit gala in a regal purple saree. She topped her look with a tiny bindi. The gala couldn’t have asked for a more graceful guest.

Ashley Judd in indian avatar

Source: rediff.com

Britney Spears a la Jasmine

The queen of pop channeled her inner Jasmine with harem pants and silver trinkets. She topped it off with maang tika and managed to look very much an Indian.

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Britney Spears in indian avatar

Source: imgur.com

Elizabeth Hurley as the Indian bride

She may not have lasted that long with her Indian groom, but she did manage to look like the perfect Indian bride. Elizabeth Hurley and her pink saree looked gorgeous on her thin frame. Bonus points for dressing up her tiny little son in an embellished kurta.

Elizabeth Hurley as indian bride

Source: aelida.com

Don’t you think these firangi celebs rocked their Indian avatars? Let us know in the comments below!

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