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How Bentonite Clay Benefits And What It Can Do For Your Beauty Needs!

by Fashionlady
Bentonite Clay For Hair And Skin

Bentonite Clay Benefits

While we know much about the benefits of using multani mitti or fullers earth, let’s also praise the wonders achieved in using bentonite clay. Plenty of research by beauticians worldwide has shown us the bentonite clay benefits, and what it can help our skin with. Today we shall talk more about bentonite clay benefits, and why, bentonite as a beauty agent should be considered an ally for Indian skin textures and tones.

Here are a few bentonite clay benefits to ponder upon! But first, let’s know what is bentonite clay made of!

What Is Bentonite Clay?

Composed and made up of seasoned and old volcanic ash, bentonite clay is found in abundance in Fort Benton, located in Wyoming, USA. Research shows that the clay is electrically charged through natural means when hydration sets in. When the clay gets into contact with the moisture, there is a change in its electrical components which makes it stronger to absorb toxins. This is why bentonite clay when used for the skin has the power to remove waste, dirt, grime, dead cells and toxins from the face, including chemicals and heavy metal deposits from makeup and cosmetics too.

What Is Bentonite Used For

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Benefits Aplenty With Bentonite Clay

It is also said that bentonite clay is a house of strong negatrons which in association with positive charges within the clay, binds to kill toxins. This happens when the clay comes in touch with heavy metals, chemicals and toxins, and absorbs them for the skin to further use them the right way. The clay is also responsible for oxy-transport within cells and to various parts of the body when circulation happens. The excess hydrogen levels are taken away and replaced with plenty of oxygen instead. This is why most spas and beauty parlors across the globe use bentonite for detox and cleansing of the skin.

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Another benefit of using bentonite clay is the alkalizing properties it has on the body when used in the right way. From helping do away with skin issues and allergies, to bringing more minerals into the body and for the right oral preparations to come through, bentonite clay is known to help with speed healing of the skin and treat various skin issues too; thanks to the abundance of potassium, iron, calcium, sodium and silica in it. This is exactly why beauticians worldwide swear by bentonite clay for hair and skin.

Benefits Of Bentonite Clay for skin

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More Benefits With Bentonite Clay

1.Mix a tablespoon of bentonite clay with some water and turn it into a paste. Use the paste as a healing cream on insect bites, cuts, blemishes, skin burns, acne and any minor skin issue. Leave until dry and then wash off.

Bentonite Clay Effects On Skin

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2.Place the paste of bentonite clay on the affected area of the skin and use a gauge to cover the same for ten minutes. When dry, wash it off and you would notice a reduction in inflammation and swelling.


Uses Of Bentonite Clay

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3.Beauty wise, we would make a paste of bentonite clay and water, and apply the same as a face mask for half an hour, thrice a week. This would help control oil levels and manage the pH level of the skin too.

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Skin Benefits Of Bentonite clay

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4.As a detox bath, you could add a quarter cup of dry bentonite clay to warm water and soak your body in the mix. Wait for as long as you want, gently scrubbing and kneading the body time and again. Wash up with cold water thereafter and touch your skin; soft and supple it would be.

So, we now hope you know what is bentonite used for and have learnt more on the benefits of bentonite clay for skin too. If you would like to personally feel and experience the benefits of bentonite clay effects on skin, ask your parlor lady for a quick session this weekend.

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