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How Oil Cleansing Method Works on Your Skin

by Fashionlady
How Oil Cleansing Method Works on Your Skin

How Oil Cleansing Method Works on Your Skin
Before 19th century when soap was not introduced, people especially Indians and Romans used to take bath with oil. Ever wondered how oil cleansing method works on your skin?

Here is an elaborate post that not only throws light on this timeless cleansing method, but also shares the latest OCM (oil cleansing method) that is as effective as soap and body wash. Read on!

Did you know oil cleansing method can offer you flawless and radiant skin by removing dirt, pimples, cyst and blackheads from your face?

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It might seem to you quite weird but this is a tried and tasted method. Let us find out more!

Oil Cleansing Method Tips

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1. Oil cleanses without drying up the skin

During my childhood, I used to see my grandmother applying oil all over her body before taking bath. She explained the reason that oil helped in removing dirt from her skin. Usually soap tends to dry up the skin. And in winter, after taking bath with soap, you may see dry patches all over your skin.
Being ignorant, some girls also tend to use soap on their face instead of face wash. Oil cleansing method not only cleans the skin, but also retains the moisture content thereby keeping the winter skin complications at bay.

2. OCM doesn’t lead to breakout

While it might seem to you implausible how oil can clean your face, it comes with its own benefits that are sometimes deprived in your face wash. Apart from cleansing, oil doesn’t lead to breakouts. Surprisingly, oil attracts bacteria and dirt particles present in the pores that worsens the zit, leading to more zits and dark spots.

3. A special formula

Oil cleansing method doesn’t mean you can pick just any oil from your kitchen cupboard and start applying on your face. Instead, OCM involves a special technique – a mix of specific oils that includes cold pressed vegetable oil, castor oil, sunflower seed oil, extra virgin olive oil and jojoba oil.


Oil Cleansing

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4. How to use the oil

The above mentioned mixture of oil is rubbed onto the skin for approximately 5 minutes. Then, it is wiped off with a warm, damp microfiber wash cloth. You can also apply a part of this mixture on your face before going to bed to add extra moisture to your skin.

5. Oil ratio varies depending upon the skin type

Even though the above mixture is used for oil cleansing method, since everyone has specific skin type, the oil ratio also varies. For instance, if you have normal skin type then you’ll use 20% castor oil. And if you have oily skin then you should use 30% castor oil and for very dry skin, only 10% of castor oil is recommended.

Oil ratio varies depending upon the skin type

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Bonus tips – When you apply oil on the face, start by massaging 1/4th size of oil onto your face for 2 minutes. As I have already mentioned, use warm and damp cloth to wipe off excess oil, before that place the warm cloth over face for 1 minute. This allows the pores to open up.

Hope this post on how oil cleansing method works on your skin helps you in understanding this timeless beauty treatment!

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