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How to Be Comfortable in Heels? All Day Long!

by Fashionlady
Be Comfortable in Heels

Howv to Be Comfortable in Heels
Manolo Blahnik once famously said “You put on high heels and you change.” Well truer words were never spoken. A great pair of heels can do so much to boost your confidence and make you feel fabulous. But admit it; wearing heels for the entire day can be a strenuous affair for those little feet. So how do you look fabulous and still manage to stay Comfortable in Heels? Here some practical tips to find that balance.

1. Wear The Right Size

Not wearing the right shoe size is a more common mistake than you would believe. Feet undergo a lot of changes throughout your life, often changing shape, angle and even size. Many people also happen to have one foot larger than the other. Make sure to have your foot properly measured by length and by width. Go in for a proper shoe fitting every time you buy a new pair. Trust me, the time you invest here is extremely important to being comfortable later.

“High Heels are pleasure with pain” – Christian Louboutin

Source: huffpost.com

Source: huffpost.com

2. Don’t Buy Online

You will not get the right fit and feel by buying shoes online. As mentioned above, every new shoe shopping spree should go hand in hand with a fitting; because every shoe fits differently. Make sure to go to a store to pick out your pair rather than blindly buying online.

Don t Buy Online

Source: examiner.com

3. Thicker Equals More Comfort

Thicker heels have a larger base and square size to bear the pressure of your body as compared to stilettos. Sleek heels look great, but are best kept when you need to wear them for the short duration. If you are looking for a full day wear, opt for the wider ones to save your feet from the pain.

Thicker Equals More Comfort

Source: media.com

4. Slip Them Off

When you are wearing heels for the entire day, the entire body weight is borne by one focus point of the foot rather than the whole. So it is necessary for your feet to get some rest too. Remember to take a break and kick off the heels once in a while. If you have a sedentary job, you can slip the heels off while working and put them back on to take charge of all the action.

Slip Them Off

Source: fashionpearlsofwisdom.co.uk

5. Cushion Your Feet

Many shoe stores sell a variety of cloth or gel based foot cushions, which you can slip on under the feet inside the heels. These can be a god send in the time of need. Ideally, it is best to use them as often as possible to maintain a good posture and also provide the relief and comfort your feet need to march around the entire day.


“I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot.” – Marilyn Monroe

Cushion Your Feet

Source: alibaba.com

6. Price No Bar

If you are looking for a pair of heels that you want to be wearing for the entire day, don’t have a cheap budget. Be willing to invest a good amount for pair of comfortable heels. A cheaper price will mean a cheaper quality, which will mean painful sores and joints.

7. Cover Ups

Heels with a thicker coverage near the top, near the toes will provide more support making it easier to wear them throughout the day. A thick heel and a covered top is the ideal combination to maintain the right posture, feel confident and look great all day long.

Cover Ups

Source: wholesalermart.com

Some of the best options of heels for daily wear are –

  • Wide Heeled Pumps or Mary Janes
Wide Heeled Pumps

Source: wardrobelooks.com

  • Strappy Peep Toes
Strappy Peep Toes

Source: shoespie.com

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