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The Beautiful Gujarati Bride – Bridal Hairstyle, Bridal Saree and More

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Gujarati Bride Bridal Hairstyle Bridal Saree

Quintessential Gujarati Bride Bridal-Hairstyle
Gujarati weddings are colourful, fun affairs. Gujarati people enjoy doing their weddings in a very traditional way, with traditional wedding attire and rituals that symbolise the Gujarati culture. As with weddings in most cultures, the Gujarati bride is the centre of attention in the whole affair.

What a bride and groom wear should reflect their roots—where they come from and what their beliefs and customs are. This becomes quite evident when you look at a Gujarati bride who displays her culture and tradition proudly to the rest of the world through her clothes. If you happen to go to a Gujarati wedding, get acquainted with the elderly people there and make it a point to find out about all their customs and practices from them. It is always surprising how similar and yet how different we Indians are from one another.

Gujarati Bridal Hairstyle and Bridal Makeup

In general, makeup is kept simple for Gujarati brides, with the emphasis being on enhancing their features and brightening up the face. Vibrant in-your-face colours are not very popular; instead most brides go in for a fresh clean look. The focus is on letting the bride’s natural wedding glow shine through. Bindis framing the eyebrows help to make the bride’s look extra special.

The hair is usually swept up in classic bun and elegant hair accessories complete the look. Gujarati people place a lot of emphasis on being traditional on the wedding day. So the bride does not deviate much from the traditional look that has been donned by the brides for decades now.

Gujarati Bridal Hairstyle and Bridal Makeup

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Gujarati Bridal Jewellery

The Gujarati bride traditionally wears a lot of kundan jewellery. A matha tikka is placed on top of her forehead. The earrings and necklaces are usually almost heavy enough to weigh down the bride after a few hours. The bride wears a combination of gold and glass bangles and a nose ring called the nath. A bajuband, that is an ornamental arm band, is tied around the forearm. A waist band accentuates her waist and keeps her saree in place. The bride also wears anklets on her feet and toe rings are worn to signify her marital status.

Gujarati Bridal Jewellery

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Gujarati Bridal Saree

There are two types of saris that a Gujarati bride will wear. One is the Panetar bridal saree, worn for the wedding ceremony. The Panetar saree is made up of white, red, and green colours. The saree can either be simple and elegant or heavily worked with stones and intricate embroidery, depending on the bride’s preference.


During the wedding ceremony, the mother-in-law gifts the bride with a Gharchola, a traditional bandhini sari with some traditional motifs embroidered in it. The Gharchola symbolises the groom’s family’s acceptance of the bride as their family member from that moment on.

The Gujarati bride has a distinct way of draping the saree—the pallu is draped in the front and not at the back like it is in most other saree drape styles.

The bridal dress consists of two dupattas. One dupatta is heavily embroidered and draped over the shoulder while another lighter dupatta covers the head, pinned to her hair.

Gujarati Bridal Saree

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A typical Gujarati wedding is an elaborate affair, with numerous pre-wedding and post-wedding ceremonies. The bride wears clothes that reflect her rich heritage for all these ceremonies. The most popular colour choices are red, white, yellow, and green. Henna is also given special attention.

Every Indian bride represents her culture and background on her wedding day and the Gujarati bride does this with much élan, taking pride in her culture. A Gujarati bride is a fascinating sight, and when you get to know the history and stories behind the significance of each ornament adorned or each piece of clothing worn, you are pulled into the magic of the Gujarati wedding, wanting to know more about this fascinating culture with all its complexities.

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