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How To Bleach Jeans To Give It A Quick Fashion Upgrade

by Fashionlady
Best ways To Bleach Jeans

How To Bleach Jeans

If you are a hard core follower of the fashion trends, then you would know that the latest rage of the season is the bleached jeans! The shops are swarmed with acid wash, stone wash and faded jeans. However, there is no need for you to store away your old jeans and spend another fortune on this new craze. You can easily transform your old dark jeans into these fashion forward ones right at your home by learning how to bleach jeans. This boho-chic style is quite easy to recreate at home. Let’s become a master at it!

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DIY Bleach Jeans At Home

Before you embark on your DIY bleach jeans project, it’s best to collect all the materials and be fully prepared. Remember to wear an old pair of clothes as your clothes can get some souvenirs while bleaching the jeans and the clothes may not be fit to wear at normal times. It’s also advisable that you first try the entire procedure on an old pair of jeans or some cheap ones to understand everything before you start to bleach your expensive jeans. Once ready, let’s get to how to bleach jeans.

Materials Required

The materials required by you would be a pair of gloves, a good quality bleach, bowl, water, spray or drip bottle, pencil eraser, cardboard and newspaper apart from your dark colored jeans of course!

Steps To Bleach Jeans

Once you have assembled all the materials and worn your old pair of clothes, get to the work area. I prefer the floor of the bathtub which means less hassle while cleaning up. First, wear your gloves to ensure that your hands do not suffer any damage. Mix one part bleach to four parts water in a bowl. Now place the cardboard on the bathtub floor to prevent any damage and spread the jeans on it. It’s best to damp the jeans before spreading as damp jeans bleach better. You can also stuff newspapers in between the jeans if you do not want the back of jeans to get that automatic bleach. Now fill the bleach in the squeeze bottle and form any pattern on the jeans by swirling it around. Create smaller swirls and dots by using the eraser dipped in bleach. In case you desire bigger dots, simply press in the eraser.

How To Bleach Jeans Properly

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Repeat the procedure at the back of the jeans as well. Check out the sides and add dimensions of bleach if required. Finally rinse it well in cold water and allow it to air dry. If you want just a shade lighter, then you can wash the jeans in slightly hot water before air drying. Clean the work area and once your jeans are dried, appreciate the awesome work done by you!

How To Bleach Jeans At Home

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How To Bleach Entire Jeans

In case you want the entire jeans bleached, you can create the bleach mixture in the same proportion in a wash basin and submerge the whole jeans into it. Remember not to ball the jeans and spread it evenly in the mixture so that the jeans take an even bleach and do not take any patterns or fold marks. Depending on the jeans material, it may take 20 to 40 minutes for the desired effect to take place. Once you are satisfied with the result, cold wash it and air dry. Remember to have newspapers on the floor so that they do not take any damage of the bleach drips!

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Ways to Bleach Jeans at Home

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If you want a crushed bleach effect, before putting the jeans in the bleach mixture, crush the jeans and ball it up. You can even tie it with a rubber band to help it retain the ball shape. The rest of the process would remain the same.

Some Tips To Borne In Time

While you are bleaching your jeans, the following tips should be kept in mind:-

  • Never take too much bleach. While it can give faster results, it can corrode your jeans and even put holes in them.
  • Always keep bleaching to a bare minimum. You can always bleach more but you can never reverse the process.
  • Ensure to check the clothing label before you start bleaching. Some fabrics may turn yellow or orange after bleach which makes the entire process futile.
  • In case the bleach is not giving the desired effect, experiment with some blonde hair dyes which are known to provide stupendous results!
  • Try bleaching with different colors of jeans. Each would give you a different result and you can be the one setting trends!
Diy Bleach Jeans

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Now that you are an expert on how to bleach jeans at home, remember to update us about your bleaching jeans adventurous experience!

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