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How To Braid Your Own Hair In 12 Unique Ways

by Fashionlady
How To Braid Your Own Hair

Though braid tutorials look simple to create or define, most of them are not easy to attain. While we love the way they look in the pictures, we often find it really hard to replicate. But this video has something great in store for you. It features on how to braid in easier ways that resemble the classic braid hairstyles. Check out these ideas on your hair and transform your appearance to a splendid one.
Tip 1
If you have ever braided you hair, you definitely would’ve stumbled upon this hurdle i.e., one section of the hair falling short while braiding. Well, you are not alone in this as this is the most common concern most women have. So if you are held up at this point and wondering how to braid hair then try this trick. Whenever a section of hair falls short, add a small portion from the section adjacent to it and continue braiding.
Tip 2
If you want to experiment with bigger fluffier braids, you ought to check out this awesome tip. To get the desired look, pinch on the sections of the braid as you go along. This loose braid hairstyles will be more relaxed and laid-back.
Tip 3
Who doesn’t love long and healthy looking hair? We all do! For such phenomenal looking hair, all you need to do is put it in a rope braid hair style. Run your fingers through the length of the braid and carefully snip off the hair that is sticking out.
Tip 4
Suppose you are running late but still want to experiment with simple braid styles , then try this amazing trick. Start with a three strand braid and once you are half way through, hold on to one part of the section and pull the rest of the hair up. Tie the hair up with an elastic band and pin it in place as you desire. The final look is fresh and chic.
Tip 5
This hair trick is an alternative to fishtail braid. It looks just as good as the original and easier too. Suppose you are looking for easy braid ideas, then you should definitely try this trick. All you need to do is to stick your fingers into your hair and flip the ends through. Repeat the same steps until you reach the end. Tie the hair in the end with elastic band. And voila! You have the amazing fishtail braid in seconds.
Tip 6
Don’t like the elastic band to be seen? In such scenarios, where you want to try on black hair braid styles and do not have elastic or don’t want it to be visible, try this superb trick. Stick your fingers and flip your hair about two to three times until it stays in place.
Tip 7
Don’t like the braid loose or messy? Then check out this trick with your fishtail braid. Tie elastic at the start of the braid and once you are finished, snip off the elastic. Viola! Your easy braid hairstyle is perfected.
Tip 8
Give your regular braid style a twist and turn your look chicer. Start by taking two sections of hair from either side. Bring these sections to the center and tie it with small elastic. Flip the ends through the loop from the front to back. Repeat this few more times and tie it with a band in the end. This braid styles for long hair can be a fun experiment.
Tip 9
Ever tried the waterfall braid? No! Begin with this alternative style to the waterfall braid. Take a section of hair and neatly do a three strand braid. Now, stick your fingers in the crossing of the braid, take a section from the side and pass it through. Repeat the steps until you are happy with the results. This is one of the most perfect side braid hairstyles.
Tip 10
For creating natural heat-less waves, make three strand braid and let it sit overnight. But if you are in a hurry, use a straightener or hair dryer. If you want bigger waves, do a four strands braid style instead of three strand braid. Try these different braid styles for your next outing.
Tip 11
We all struggle to make French braid on our own hair, don’t we? But now we have this tip which will ease out the whole process. Tie the center part first at the start with an elastic and now neatly braid the hair french style. For beginners, this trick will help in learning how to french braid hair in simple steps.
Tip 12
Braids usually requires loads of pins and bands to secure the hair in place. The best option would be to use bobby pins. Another trick is to hold your hair in place and pin it in the opposite direction. Or take your two braid styles and pass one through the other.
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Cornrows Braid

Now that we have discussed the tips and tricks on replicating classic braid hairstyles, we would like to briefly introduce you to cornrow braid hairstyles which is popular among several celebrities. Here is a quick purview on how to braid cornrows. Take smaller sections of hair and start a braid. Remember to braid close to the scalp region. Repeat this small sectional braids all along the head and finish off by braiding in all these sections with the rest of the hair.


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