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How To Choose Lip Gloss Shade?

by Fashionlady
Types Of Lip Gloss

How To Choose Lip Gloss

Can any fashionistas imagine life without her lipstick or her lip gloss? Well, of course that’s a resounding NO! We cannot walk out of the door looking A+, but without that shimmer or that gloss on our lips. If you are a little confused about lip gloss ideas, don’t you worry because you have come to the right article and here we will teach you how to choose lip gloss!

You may think choosing among the various types of lip gloss is easy. It may be easy, but only if you know the right tips and tricks. First of all when you buy any lip gloss, you have to think about lip gloss shades for Indian skin. Most of us here in India have a dusky skin, which makes choosing all colour a little difficult. Some of us also have darker lips, and then choosing lip gloss shades for dark lips is another ball game.

Lip Gloss Ideas

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Types Of Lip Gloss

Lip glosses are back and if you want to look glam without having too much on your lips, then lip gloss is perfect for you. Let’s start with the basics of how to choose lip gloss:

Deciding The Shade

Unfortunately not all lip gloss shades look great with every skin tone. When you are out to buy a lip gloss, first do some field work and get to know lip gloss shades for fair skin or dark skin. Decide where exactly you are on the spectrum and then buy the colour. There is no use buying a colour which looks great as a lip gloss but you wouldn’t dare wearing it on your lips. For those of you who are not that adventurous with your lip gloss colours, there is Lipstick Service which is a very nifty in-store a skin tone reader. With that it will pair you with colours that are complementary to your skin tone.

Since this tool is only available in the stores, here is a ready reckoner to understand what colours might suit you. If you are a little fair, stick to pink hues. If your complexion is on the olive spectrum, try warmer and earthier tones. For those of you who are a little dark, caramel, berry and chocolatey colours are perfect.


In short, collar tones work better for fairer skin while warmer colours look the best with darker skin. Choose with care!

Ways To Choose Lip Gloss

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Deciding The Type Of Application

The world of lip glosses is intense, shimmery and vast. If you are planning to invest money in a lip gloss, don’t just think about the colour. Also, decide on the kind of applicator you want your lip gloss to have. For instance there are lip glosses which come with a wand, a brush or a pot. Try the different kinds of glosses available and see which applicator suits you the best. This is a very important point which many people miss out on and then regret buying that kind of lip gloss.

Lip Gloss Shades For Indian Skin

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Decide When To Use What Colours During Different Times Of The Day

Would you like to wear a jarring and shimmery red colour in office? Of course not! Keep this golden rule in mind: During the office time, that is from 9-5 focus on wearing warm and creamy shades especially since you will be under the harsh office lighting. You can wear darker shades during the later half of the day.

Lip Gloss Shades For Dark Lips

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Some Colours Are Forever And For Everyone!

Forget what we just told you- There are some colours which look great on everyone and which you should definitely invest on if you are a lip gloss fanatic. One such colour is a sheer berry colour. Other colours which almost suit every skin colour are a light, nude pink, or a sheer brown colour or a nude colour which is slightly spiked with gold, bronze or red.

Lip Gloss Shades For Fair Skin

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So, there you go! Some amazing tips on how to choose a lip gloss shade. Keep these cardinal rules in mind and we are sure you will get the lip gloss of your dreams!

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