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How to Dress Quirky With Indian Wear

by Fashionlady
How to Dress Quirky With Indian Wear

How To Dress Quirky
Indian wear is usually associated with ethnic elegance and beauty. From spun silk to block printed fabrics, Indian wear is exotic and classy. But young fashion designers are now pushing the limits by trying to achieve a quirky look with Indian wear. They are challenging the stereotype of Indian wear being boringly elegant and trying to bring a fresh new look by revamping our Indian wear to look quirky and fun. How do they do it? How can one dress quirky with Indian wear?

Choose Crazy Prints

More and more young designers are coming up with sarees with quirky prints for the fashionistas. These sarees are colourful, bold and shockingly fun. Have fun with draping them in an unusual style and make sure your blouse is also equally crazy. Who knew one could have so much fun with sarees?

Dress your personality

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Wear Your Kurta as a Dress

Wear your kurta as a dress for a super naughty look. What could be more quirky than wearing a top as a dress? The kurta is long enough to be considered a dress, but the fact that it is a kurta and is supposed to be worn with a bottom will make your whole look so very taboo and fun.

Wear Your Kurta as a Dress

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Add Some Ethnic Layers

Do you find your salwar or kurta too boring and normal? Quirk it up instantly by adding a layer on top. Ethnic printed jackets and vests work great at amping up the quirk factor. The bolder the colour and the crazier the print, the better.

Layers of Ethnicity

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Wear Your Shades

Sometimes all it takes to quirk up an Indian outfit is some cool sunglasses. Remember how Alia Bhatt rocked the look with a lehenga and aviators? If that is not quirky at its best then we don’t know what is.


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quirky clothes

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Blend Indian with Western

Chuck your leggings and wear palazzo pants with your kurta instead. It not only looks quirky and stylish but is also so very comfortable that you just might make it your standard look. You can also try pairing your kurtas with cigarette pants and formal trousers for a fusion look.

Blend Indian with Western

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Colour Block

Colour block your way to quirky land. Use bold colours to create a eye-popping outfit that will make you the center of attention at any gathering. Master the art of colour blocking and never go wrong again.

Quirky Dress Up Ideas

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Wear Statement Jewellery

Even if all else fails, you can always rely on quirky jewellery to add some spice to your look. From feather earrings to chunky neck pieces, you can use unusual accessories to dress up your look. Body chains and head chains also go a long way in making your look quirky and exotic. So always be on the lookout for unusual pieces that you can use to give your ethnic wardrobe a boost of eccentricity.

Wear Statement Jewellery

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Indian wear is evolving and is no longer all about flowing lehengas and fancy sarees. With fashion becoming more and more global, Indian wear is on a path to becoming a more internationally adapted fashion style. With more and more designers trying to put their own twist to Indian wear, there are so many different variations of it available to us right now. We’ve just listed some of the different ways in which you can easily look quirky in Indian wear. Once you try the look and get the hang of it, we’re sure that you will start pushing the boundaries and come up with your new looks using all the ethnic wear available in your wardrobe.

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