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How to get Curls without using Heat

by Fashionlady
How to get Curls without using Heat

How to get Curls without using Heat
As we are all aware, rigorous use of heat damages hair, we should therefore avoid such hair styling instruments. This doesn’t mean we cannot style our hair. In this post I have shared some fabulous tricks that explain how to get curls without using heat. Go through these tricks and get ready for any upcoming event.

Go through these curl styles that do not require heat!

1. Natural Waves

It’s human tendency to never be satisfied with our natural assets. For instance, girls with straight hair always fall for curls and those with curly locks long for straight strands. If you are one of them – willing to flaunt natural waves and naive of using heat then here is an ideal trick for you.

Below are the steps on how to get natural waves –

  • Firstly spray some water on your loose locks and make sure your hair is slightly wet.
  • Now comb your hair thoroughly to ensure there are no knots.
  • Next, divide your hair into two sections just as you do to make plaits.
  • Use one section of the hair and start rolling so that it forms like a rope.
  • Now use this twisted section to form a bun at one side and secure it with bobby pins.
  • Follow the same process on the other section, as well.
  • You can leave the front section if you have pixie cut, or else you can take the entire hair.
  • Leave the buns for around 45 minutes. If you’re in hurry then you can blow dry the buns.
  • Now slowly open the knots using your fingers.

Voila! You have natural curls now.

natural waves


2. Get your curls while you sleep

In order to keep the curls for longer time period you can follow the below steps before going to bed. The next morning you can simply use your fingers to open the knots.

natural waves


3. Natural curls

  • If you are willing to flaunt full-fledged curls and not waves then follow this trick.
    Firstly, follow the same step mentioned above and twist your strands. This time you will have to divide your hair into several sections and twist them.
  • Always remember the thicker the twists will be, the looser your curls are, so make sure you have divided your hair into several thin sections so as to obtain natural curls.
  • Start creating twists from the roots and then roll the twists into small circles to make it into a bun and secure them with bobby pins.
  • Repeat the same steps with the rest of your strands.
  • Now go to bed and next morning remove pins and un-twirl those knots.
  • Use fingers and not brush to separate the strands.
  • Voila! You have now natural-looking curls.
Get your curls while you sleep


4. Clip curls

  • Start by dividing the hair into several parts and then clip them into manageable sections.
  • If you have thick volume then you’ll have to create more number of sections.
  • Now start from the nape of your neck by grabbing one-inch section and comb through it.
  • Now apply light-hold hairspray at the end of these sections to create lift.
  • Use clips and clamp the sections at the ends. Now roll up until each section forms into a barrel shape.
  • And if your clip is clamp-less then wrap section around the barrel starting at the roots.
  • Continue working with rest of the sections until your entire head is curled.
  • Now apply hairspray on the curls and go to bed.
  • Next morning you can slowly un-twirl the rolls and find voluminous curls.
Clip curls


So those were my top picks on how to get curls without using heat. Hope this helps!

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