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How To Improve Texture Of Hair Naturally

by Fashionlady
Improve Texture Of Hair Naturally

Improve Texture Of Hair Naturally

Everyone yearns for thick, shiny, silky hair with a good texture. They say hair texture can redefine your entire look. But wait! What exactly is the hair texture? If we go by the definition, the circumference of the hair shaft and the condition of hair cuticles defines the texture of hair. If the texture of your hair is brittle and rough, your hair will look lifeless no matter how beautifully curled or straightened your hair is.

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You might have come across commercial hair products that contains chemicals and possibly can do more harm than good. And not to forget, such products might also dig a hole in your pocket.

Here are few ways to  improve texture of hair naturally

The best way to improve the texture of your hair is to go all natural with absolutely zero side effects.

1. A Healthy Diet For Healthy Hair

You are what you eat and your diet does reflect the texture of your hair. If you want to improve the texture of your hair, improve your diet and drink adequate water. Your diet should include essential nutrients such as iron, vitamins A, B, C and E, zinc etc. Include spinach, legumes and oranges to your diet, as they are rich in nutrients that are much required for your hair to be healthy. Spinach contains vitamin A and C, whereas, legumes are rich in zinc, biotin, iron and is known to maintain the quality of your hair. Regular consumption of orange increases the hair volume and improves the texture of the hair.
Another natural remedy is to include flaxseed oil in your diet. The alpha-linolenic acid, omega-3 essential fatty acids, magnesium, and phytochemicals present in it greatly improve the quality and texture of your hair.

Hair texture change

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2. Hair Oil Massage For Healthy Hair

Oiling hair and scalp on regular basis can do wonders for your hair texture. It actually does have multiple benefits such as relieving stress, improving blood circulation, increasing the tensile strength of your hair strand, reducing dryness promoting healthy hair growth and so on.

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Olive oil, rich in anti oxidants and vitamin E, not only improves the texture of your hair but also softens and strengthens it. Slightly heat the olive oil and massage your hair and scalp with fingertips in circular motion for at least 30 to 45 minutes. Leave it for overnight and rinse it the next morning. With regular use, you can notice worthy results within few weeks. You can also add honey to it and use it as both, hair oil and mask.

Coconut oil, castor oil and almond oil, together can greatly improve the texture of your hair. Where coconut oil provides moisture and strength to the hair, castor oil and almond oil mends the rough cuticles and protects the hair from hair fall. High in vitamin E and fatty acid, it provides body to the hair. Simply heat the mixture of coconut oil and almond oil in equal parts with half part of castor oil (as it is too thick and sticky) and apply it on your scalp. Massage your scalp for 20 minutes and then comb your hair to coat each strand with oil. Wrap your hair with warm soaked towel and leave it for one hour before rinsing.

Do it once a week for 2 to 3 months to see the result.


3. Green Tea For Good Hair Texture

Not only good for your health, but green tea is great for your hair too. With goodness of Vitamin C, anti oxidants and poly phenols, it acts as a conditioner and adds life and luster to your hair. Prepare green tea (of course, without sugar) and wash your hair with it. Follow it twice a week till you experience the difference.

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4. Eggs To Get Healthy hair

For the much-needed protein treatment, beat the egg properly and add 1 spoon of honey, olive oil and lemon juice. Apply this mask to your hair and wash it after 20 minutes to enjoy healthy looking hair with good texture.

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Improve hair texture naturally

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