How To Learn The Ropes Of Half-Up Rope Braid


There are a number of tutorials already done on fishtail braid, French braid and all traditional three braid strand. This video is a feature on half-up rope braid. The rope braid is generally referred to as a twist braid. You need only two strands to make your hair look refined and polished.

This is one of those few hairstyles that you can try especially if you are always running late. In this video, celebrity hair stylist Sarah Potempa shows how to create this half-up rope braid. Check out the video for more.


Enjoy watching this video on half up hairstyles and have fun trying it out yourselves.

Half-up Hairstyle Step-by-Step

Step 1

To make a half-up braid, the first step is to section off some hair from the top right part of your head.

Step 2

The next step in making a half up braid hairstyles is to split the sectioned off hair in two and make a french rope braid.

Step 3

Now clip that braid to the side.

Step 4

Continue this half up hair style for long hair by repeating steps 1-3 on the left and center portions of your crown too.

Step 5

The final step of this half up hairdos tutorial is to remove those clips and weave the three rope braids into a standard three-strand braid. You can use a hair elastic to secure the ends.

This cute half up hairstyles can be done in a jiffy and is perfect for both a casual as well as a formal look. You can add your own variations to this simple half up hairstyles and create your own unique look.

Half up hairdos are all the rage now right from half up braids to half up ponytails. The half hair up styles look amazing on girls with both long hair and short hair which makes it everyone’s favorite style to flaunt.

Check out Half updo hairstyles which you can Try Out

1. Loose Braid

This half up hairstyle with a loose braid is perfect for you if you want to show off your hair highlights. A simple half up hairstyle for a simple evening.

Loose Braid

2. Twisted Half Up Hairstyle

Want a braided half up look but not sure of your braiding talents? This hairstyle is the ideal way for you to sport a lookalike of the braided half up style.

1. Cute Half Up Hairstyles With A Bow

By the end of this tutorial, you will have a cute bow shaped hairstyle to flaunt.

Gorgeous Half-up Hairstyles

2. Criss Cross Half UP Hairstyle

This criss cross half up hairstyle will look great not only on girls with long hair but also on girls with short hair.

Stylish Half-up Half-down Tutorials

3. Intricate French Twist And Rope Braid Half Up Hairstyle

This is an intricate design which combines French braid and rope braid and we suggest you take professional help to get this hairstyle.

Half-Up Rope Braid tutorials

We hope we have inspired you to try out the various half up hairstyles. So plan a sleepover with your girlfriends and try out these hairstyles on each other. Do share your finished look with us.


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