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12 Best Perfect Selfie Makeup Tips

by Fashionlady
Perfect Selfie Makeup

Perfect Selfie Makeup
Are you a selfie-maniac? Do you consider clicking selfies and sharing those through social networks as one of your daily tasks? Then you must have enough knowledge about how to look good in selfies, right?

Did you just say ‘no’?

Worry Not. We, at Fashionlady, are always ready to help you out with the best tips and tricks. So today, let’s learn some wonderful pre-selfie makeup tips and master the art of looking vivacious in those self-portrait photographs:

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Choose Natural Light

Well, we are talking about the time of applying makeup right before clicking a selfie. It is always recommended that you do your makeup in natural light instead of indoor lighting as the later one can alter your whole appearance and spoil your effort completely. You may find yourself washed out in artificial light and get tempted to apply loads of makeup. But the truth is, heavy makeup doesn’t always look good in pictures.

Tips For The Perfect Selfie

Source: allfashionstyles.com

Prime Your Face

Ever wondered how our favorite Bollywood divas look so flawless even in their no-makeup selfies? Because, they never forget to prime. No matter whether you are going to take your selfie with makeup on or off, skipping the primer is a real crime. After all, it is the basic thing that can give you a smooth, even-toned skin in minutes and make you literally glow in your selfie. Got it?

Go Matte

We totally understand your love for glossy, shimmery makeup. But girl, it will ruin your selfie and you certainly don’t want it, right? So, be a bit wise and choose matte makeup products that don’t contain any sparkling component. (Here are a few suggestions for matte lipstick shades to wear this summer) Being flat colors, mattes will prevent the reflection of light on your face during camera flashes and you will not resemble an oil spill.

Contour Your Face

While taking a selfie, you really can’t ignore the importance of face contouring. Define the perimeter of your forehead, both sides of nose, cheekbones and chin with a bronzer (one or two shades darker than your original skin tone) and highlight the center of your forehead, mid-section of nose, top section of cheek and ‘cupid’s bow with another (one shade lighter than your original skin tone).

tips to look good in selfies

Source: livelikeavip.com

Pick Tinted Powder

Many of us swear by translucent powder. But it is not that friendly with a selfie-lover. Firstly, it can reflect light easily and give you a shiny, shimmery look. Secondly, you may even look completely washed out in front of the camera with translucent powder on. Therefore, try to avoid it as much as possible and opt for yellow tinted powder as a reliable alternative.

Blend Your Concealer

If clicking selfies has turned into one of your daily habits, using concealer for camouflaging under eye dark circles is a must for you. You will never wish your panda eyes to be visible in your picture, isn’t it? But, the flashes of camera can make your under eye concealer a bit harsh, thereby highlighting fine lines. Solution? Blend, blend and blend your concealer until you get a smooth natural color and texture under your eyes. Simple! Here are some of the best concealers for Indian skintone.

Add a Bit of Blush

Blush is the simplest makeup product that can prevent your face from looking pale under heavy flashes of camera. A little touch of blush can define your face beautifully. But make sure that you apply it sparingly as overapplication can ruin your look as well as selfie.

how to take good selfies

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Make Your Eyes Pop

Needless to say, eye makeup plays a crucial role in your selfie. And when you apply some pastel or earth shades on your eyelids, you end up looking absolutely washed out in your clicks. So, just replace your present shadow colors with something deep and bright. Rich shades like chocolate brown, emerald, red, etc. will give you dramatic eyes in minutes.

Fall in Love with Black

When it comes to selecting the best hue for eyeliner and mascara for your selfie, there is no substitute to the basic back. Being the darkest possible hue, it offers an incredible contrast for our eyes and helps them look fabulous in front of the camera.


Pamper Your Lips

A sexy pout can take your selfie to a whole new level. Hence, take care of your lips everyday by exfoliating them gently and applying a good creamy lip balm or chap-stick. It will keep your lips prepared for a random picture and all you will need to do for looking best is to put on a gorgeous lip color. You may also want to line your lips with a suitable lip liner in order to avoid the bleeding of your lipstick.

Happy clicking!

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