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How to Lose Weight from Arms

by Fashionlady
Lose Weight from Arms

Lose Weight from Arms

Focusing your workout sessions on losing weight from certain parts of your body is easier said than done. A lot of other factors come into play when you are thinking about how to lose weight from arms, such as your body’s metabolism and your genetics. The bad news is that doing just the simple exercises that work your arm muscle will not result in getting rid of the fat from your arms. These exercises will simply help tone your muscles.

So in order to lose weight from your arms, you need to take a holistic approach. The good news is that it is not impossible to lose weight from your arms. It can be done by following a full body workout, eating a balanced diet, and being mentally prepared to slog it out for a long time. It will take a long time to see results, so you need to be determined to push yourself to that point.

Push-Ups and Pull-Ups

Push-ups and pull-ups both work your arm muscles, strengthening and toning them. Pull ups are even more effective than push ups as the whole weight of your body needs to be supported solely by your arms. So incorporate push-ups and pull-ups into your workout routine. Start small with five push-ups and pull-ups and gradually increase the count as the days go by.

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Skipping is a good way to work your arms. You might not realize it but skipping gives a good workout to your arm muscles. Try to skip fast to give your body and arms a more vigorous workout.


Source : fitnessrepublic.com

Workout with Dumbbells

Working out with dumbbells is a great way to lose weight from your arms. Again, the aim is to start small and then move on to heavier weights. Stand straight, holding a pair of dumbbells in your hands: Raise and lower your arms, bending at the elbows.

Workout with dumbells

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We all know that boxing is one sport where your upper body gets a very intense workout. While boxing might look fun, be warned that is very taxing. You will feel drained and tired after each session, but once your body builds some resistance and becomes stronger, you will be able to appreciate how well boxing helps in getting rid of arm fat.



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You can lose the saggy fat deposits on your under arms simply by swimming. But instead of swimming for leisure, you will need to take it up a notch and do faster laps to burn the fat and tone your arms. Swimming is a great overall workout for your body.


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Play Volleyball

This is hands down the most fun workout session you can have to burn arm fat. Playing volleyball requires you to really work those muscles in your arm. Once you start playing regularly, you will feel that your arms are more toned and if your underarms are saggy, they will also firm up.


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Apart from these exercises, you can also consider taking up yoga or pilates. They both work under the philosophy of making one’s body flexible and lean. So instead of developing bulk muscles, you will get toned lean muscles.

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