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How To Use Papaya For Hair Treatment?

by Fashionlady
papaya benefits for hair

papaya for hair treatment

In our last article on benefits of papayas, we had given you an overall view of papaya’s health and medical doles. By now you must have developed an idea on how this fruit helps you in preventing various diseases and aids in curing others. Papaya is a wholesome fruit and every part of it has something to contribute to our wellbeing.

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Here are some papaya benefits for hair

In this piece we will break down how the fruit produces magical effect on your hair. Though it looks boring and unattractive itself, here is a myriad of papaya benefits for hair and reasons of why exactly you should include papaya in your diet and regime to have good hair.

papaya for hair growthing

Source: livestrong.com

  1. Papaya gives volume to hair by nourishing the hair shaft. So, one must include papaya in their regular diet.
  2. Papaya also prevents hair loss thus decreasing the chances of one going bald with age or due to other medical reasons. This is because of the rich nutrients it carries. Using papaya for hair growth is thus a very clever plan. It also makes the hair strong.
  3. That winters are knocking at the door, two of our major headache comprise dandruff and dry skin. Papaya pulp, if applied at least twice a week mask acts to control and prevent hair loss and proves the usefulness of papaya for hair treatment.
  4. Eating 3 bowls of papaya every week will reduce your problem of hair thinning. The efficiency of the result will vary from person to person, depending on medical history and genetic build up. However, everyone will muster some benefit out of it.
  5. The minerals, enzymes and vitamins present in papaya, act as natural cleansers. They easily wash out dirt, pollution, smoke, chemical residue and excess oil leaving the hair soft and supple.
  6. Did you know that not only the pulp, the seed, and the peel, but the leaf of the fruit also has beneficial effects on your hair? Extracts of the leaves of papaya tree can be applied as hair conditioner. This will add to the shine and smoothness, if you have otherwise dull and lifeless hair.
Hair benefits of papaya

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Papaya For Hair Treatment – The Hair Mask

Weekly use of a well balanced and proportionate papaya hair mask can help obtain a thick, strong, and silky head of hair.

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Here is a guide how you can make your Papaya hair mask at home:



  • 1 Bowl Smashed Ripe Papaya
  • 1 Bowl Smashed Ripe Banana
  • 1 Tbsp. Molasses
  • 1 Tbsp. Coconut Oil
  • 1 Bowl Curd

Process of application:

  • Blend all the ingredients thoroughly. Make sure that no chunk escapes the blending process. We would advise on using a blender or mixer grinder, than just mashing with hands.
  • Rinse you hair under running water and pat dry with towel. Apply the above mixture on your damp hair.
  • Wear a plastic or shower cap so that the mask doesn’t run down your head and create a mess.
  • Continue doing your regular chores while the mask stands on your hair for at least 30 minutes.
  • Dip a towel in warm water and wring out the water. Now remove the shower cap and warp the warm towel on your head. The heat generated from this towel will open up the pores of your hair to absorb nutrients. Leave it like that for another half an hour.
  • Now wash your hair thoroughly under running water. You need to wash it for a longer time to make sure all the pulps of the fruit have been washed off. Else it will look pretty awful.
  • The ingredients of the hair mask we prepared are sufficient to give you super smooth hair. However, you may opt to use your regular conditioner once you wash the hair off the mask.
benefits of papaya

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Now that you are aware how to use papaya for hair treatment, it should not be very draining of a task for those who yearn for long, smooth, fuller hair to practice this regime once a week.

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Papaya is a fruit that is available throughout the year in this country and almost in all parts. It is also not very expensive that one should second guess its usage as a mask. Moreover the tons of benefits one derive from these masks are totally worth the little expenditure. While it may take 5 to 10 minutes in the preparation and application of the mask, you can very well continue with the routines of life in the standing time. You will notice the difference from the fourth application itself. Once the changes are turning out in front of your eyes, it won’t even appear to be a task to you.

So what are your plans this Sunday?

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