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How To Wear Sarong? 9 Dazzling Ways

by Fashionlady
How To Wear Sarong

How To Wear Sarong

A sarong is a brilliant piece of clothing that revamps your look completely. Wear it to a restaurant or the beach, it is versatile enough to be styled to be worn anywhere. It adds elegance and colour to your overall appeal. The best part about it, is that it is light, breezy and comfortable to wear! Plus, the larger sarong or scarf you have the more styles you can adorn it in.

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Sarong Outfits Ideas

Source: blog.shopbop.com

Where can you purchase a sarong from? Swim stores or clothing stores, both should have a diverse range in stock. Once you’ve bought it, the question arises how to wear sarong?

Sarong Outfits Ideas

There are many sarong outfits ideas, and that’s what we’re here for. Read on to learn how to wear a sarong in different styles –

1. The One Shoulder Dress Sarong

Get hold of the sarong vertically under an arm. Collect the top two corners over the shoulder and tie a double knot. Bring together the two edges in the waist region and tie a double knot there too. Simple, cool and sexy!

How To Wear a Sarong In Different Styles

Source: laviediy.blogspot.com

2. The Side Slit Dress Sarong

Grasp scarf vertically around your back, under the arms. Tie a double knot at the two corners around the front, over the bust. Collect two scarf edges at waist level and tie double knot at the front. Twist the knot at the waist to one side for a side slit.

Ways To Tie a Sarong

Source: harpersbazaar.com

3. The Harem Pant Jumpsuit Sarong

Hold sarong vertically in front of your body. Drape the top two corners around the back and tie a double knot. Tug the bottom of the scarf back through your legs. Grip the two back corners and cover around the front of the waist and tie with a double knot.

Sarong Style Swimwear

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4. The Halter Dress Sarong

Again, clasping the scarf vertically in front of your body, tie the two top corners around the back of your neck. Spin the scarf in front to spawn a hole. Compile the two edges at the waist, encase around your back and fix with double knot.

Ways To Wear Sarong

Source: sunbeachdressshop.com

5. The Simple Skirt Sarong

Clench the sarong about your midsection and hold each corner in your hand. Assemble them together at a side and double knot over your hip. If you want the skirt to come only down to your knees, fold the fabric (such that the length remains same) in half before proceeding.

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Source: womens-fashion.lovetoknow.com

Source: womens-fashion.lovetoknow.com

6. The Bandeau Sarong

Cloak the sarong athwart your back while grasping a corner in each hand. Extend your arms forward to wrap the fabric around your body. Clutch the fabric beneath your arms so that your hands are able to twist each end then tie a knot just above your bust.


8. The Draped Dress Sarong

Latch onto the sarong vertically and envelop around the frontal area of your body. Collect the two top edges and tie freely about the back of your neck (with some material draping at front). Pull an edge of the scarf around your back to encase yourself. Grip the other edge and double knot it at the waist.

Draped Dress Sarong

Source: dawoob.com

9. The Draped Twisted Skirt Sarong

Beginning at an end of your sarong enclose it about your hips horizontally. Collect the rest of the scarf in the front of your body and twirl once. Keep wrapping the scarf around and enfold the top end in to the waist of the skirt you just formed. If needed use safety pins to fix the skirt in place.

Draped Twisted Skirt Sarong

Source: asos.com

So those were some splendid sarong outfits ideas you could try out. The best part about them is that they are simple yet sophisticated. You can also wear them after a while in the beach waters. So what should you wear under sarongs? sarong style swimwear is a brilliant option of what to wear under your sarong. There are numerous designs of sarong swimwear you can choose from, like ones with a tropical print or solid print.

There you go, the perfect styling tips for donning a sarong. Have fun creating the perfect look.

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