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8 Hydrating Concealers For A Flawless Base

by Fashionlady
Hydrating concealer for glow

Before we tell you more about hydrating concealers, let us tell you what a concealer is all about. A concealer is known to be a color corrector. It is a cosmetic type that is used to cover up blemishes and dark circles, age spots too and large pores as well which are visible to the naked eye on the skin.

Hydrating concealer

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You can say that a concealer is somewhat very close to the working of a foundation, however, a concealer is thicker and can be used to hide various pigments when you blend them into the skin tone well to hide all imperfections.

In reality, foundation and concealers are both used, which help make the skin color appear very uniform. Concealers have more pigment in them though, much more than foundations. They both have a wide range of opacity as well. You can use foundation with concealer or go solo with the use of concealer too. Concealers are available in powder forms and liquid forms (the hydrating concealer that is). And, you can find concealers in various shades as well.

Hydrating concealer for beauty

Hydrating concealer for beauty

Hydrating Concealers For Flawless Base:

When you pick concealers, you have to be careful about the shades you buy. Most would say you should pick a shade or two lighter than that of your own skin tone. This helps you hide your dark circles and blemishes better. There are hydrating concealer colors that are very tone on tone, or closest to your natural skin tone. And there are also other concealers that have tones to help cancel the color of particular blemish types.

Concealer Color Chart To Follow:

You have to know which hydrating concealer color to use for what skin problem. Here is a chart to follow-

  1. If you pick concealers that have yellow or orange undertones, it would help conceal dark circles under the eyes. Hence pick hydrating concealer for under eyes with yellow or orange undertones.
  2. If you pick blue or green hydrating concealers, you would be able to cover red problems on the skin- broken veins to pimples, rosacea and more.
  3. If you pick purple concealers, you can enhance the look of a sallow complexion and bring in more radiance and vibrance to the face.

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So check with the beauty shop or where they sell hydrating concealer for dry skin, mature skin and more to pick the right shade for your needs. Now let us get on to the art of applying concealer. This is important for you to know, and then we shall go ahead and talk about the eight hydrating concealers that you should pick and buy.

How to Apply Concealer?

In most cases, you would be picking up hydrating concealer drugstore sourced or online or at the beauty shop to cover two major issues- blemishes on the face and dark under eye circles. However, the right concealer can also be used to help cover up birthmarks and to even camouflage any type of scars as well. It can also be used to cover up uneven skin tones too. The market is flooded with a range and a variety of concealers, which can be used to cover up varied issues of the skin. Refer to the chart mentioned above to know which concealer to pick for the issues you have or for your needs.

While they say a yellow or an orange concealer is best to use for covering dark circles under the eyes, some makeup experts also use concealers that have a pinkish tone on them. You can check with the beauty stores and see if they allow you to test concealers, shades and the formulas they have, before you buy what you want.


Prepare the face, so that the concealer is applied smoothly. This would help you avoid blemishes. What you should do is to first cleanse the face, tone it and use moisturizer as well, before you start. On dry skin, concealing does not happen well and it does not blend well. This is why you must prep and hydrate the skin before you apply concealer.

The next step would be to ensure that you blend well. Blending is an art that you must perfect or else the look would be too cakey and ruined. Blending helps bring about a natural and a very flawless look, and does not make the face look ‘covered up’ too. Hiding the dark scars under the eyes would be very tricky, however, if you build up the concealing in layers, it brings about a natural look. Gently tap a few drops of concealer to the area needed and do not rub it into the skin. Blend it outwards and use a Q-tip if need be in circles. This will help do the concealing well.

Finally, you are all ready to set the look. This is when you can now safely apply foundation on the skin. But before you do that, make sure with loose powder you set the look. Use a fluffy brush to powder the area gently so that the concealer stays in place. This would give you a very matte finish.

Here is the Best Hydrating Concealers:

1. L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD:

The L.A Girl Pro Conceal HD truly lives up to its name. It is opaque when it comes to coverage and is totally crease resistant too. The texture is creamy, but it is very lightweight and good for dry skin or mature skin. The formula is long lasting, and is best for covering up dark under eye circles, skin imperfections and redness on the skin as well. It also helps bring down fine lines, evens out the tone of the skin and you can customize the coverage as you want too. It has a soft brush tip which allows for easy weasy application. Available in various shades.

Best Hydrating Concealers

Source: beautybay.com

2. Maybelline New York Fit Me Concealer:

The Fit Me Concealer from Maybelline is an amazing cosmetic concealer which hydrates the skin. It is best used when you want natural coverage and a flawless look. The concealer is oil free and matches your skin tone as well, which brings about a very even complexion. Your skin gets to breathe with this concealer, since it has no wax or oil in it. This concealer helps cover up blemishes, dark circles and imperfections, and redness or any flaws on the skin as well. This is a product that is dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested.

Best Concealers

Source: amazon.com

3. NYX Concealer In a Jar:

The company NYX is an american brand and has budgeted makeup products for you to pick and buy. The cream concealer on offer is best for dry skin, and it comes in a cute jar. Since it is cream based, the concealer is a hydrating one and it helps keep the moisture in the skin intact. Your skin does not look over dry and it stays healthy too. Available in various shades.

Hydrating NYX Concealer

Source: nyxcosmetics.com

4. Colorbar Full Cover Concealer:

Colorbar Full Cover Concealer is getting very popular across the Indian market and consumers too. The range is a winner for sure, and has nine shades to its name, which means every skin tone can benefit from it. It also has SPF 35 in it which helps keep the skin protected from the sun and it is non oily too. The concealer lasts long and spreads with ease and evenly that too on the skin. What you get is a soft and a smooth feel, and a vibrant look overall without the overdone look coming through. The product also is rich in vitamin E, which helps fight free radicals and prevents the signs of ageing as well.

Hydrating Colorbar


5. Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer:

Maybelline in the world of makeup, is an expert. There is no doubt about that. They now have a range of concealers that hydrate the skin, and the liquid concealers have an applicator brush attached to it as well. The only hitch here is that the range is very limited, which is only three tones and not just apt for all indian skin tones. But if the product’s tone suits that of your skin tone, go right ahead and pick one for your dry skin needs.

Hydrating Maybelline Dream Lumi

Source: lifeandlooks.com

6. MAC Select Cover up Concealer:

This is one of the best liquid camouflage cosmetics for your skin. MAC Select Cover up Concealer would be best to use for areas on the face that have dark circles, blemishes and acne spots. It is a little on the steeper side when we talk about price points here, but the effect it gives is one of a kind. MAC has always ruled the roost here with makeup products, and this hydrating concealer does not fail to impress.

Hydrating MAC Concealer

Source: selfridges.com

7. Oriflame Very Me Clickit Concealer:

If you are on a very tight budget, but yet want a hydrating concealer for your dry skin, the Oriflame Very Me Clickit Concealer is the one to pick. It is available in tones of light gold and helps conceal imperfections like a pro.

Hydrating Oriflame Concealer

Source: pusatkosmetik.

8. L’Oreal Paris True Match Concealer

We cannot undermine the works of Loreal, and hence from its kitty we bring to you this product that works like magic for dry and mature skin. The L’Oreal Paris True Concealer comes in three shades, and the liquid is a very lightweight formula. This is a product that blends effectively into the skin and is long lasting. You do not have to worry about it wearing off or peeling off, since it would not. The price maybe a little too steep, but it is worth every penny you pay.

We hope this post on 8 best hydrating concealers for a flawless base comes in handy. If you are using any other concealer apart from the ones mentioned here, do write in and let us know how you like them. And if there are more tips you would personally like to share on how to use concealers, we are all ears too.

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