Japanese Facial Massage At Home – Bring Back That Firm Uplifted Face


Japanese skin care

A face lift surgery seems too common in the western world isn’t it? But what if we say you really don’t have to go under the knife for the same, instead with the help of a massage, you could bring back the firmness and elasticity of the face? Sounds exciting right? This is why we would like to speak with you about the famous Japanese facial massage that has been practiced since time immemorial. To put it in layman terms, a Japanese facial massage is a technique for facial enhancements involving the use of creams and your fingers, sitting in front of a full-length mirror.

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Self Face Massage
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Much on the lines of face slimming concepts, the facial massage steps are known to provide the face with exercises that help slim the chin and the cheek bones. In addition to that, blood circulation is restored and skin issues are shown the door, since it is believed the stored pent up negative energy and toxins are flushed out through the nose.

Japanese Skin Care – Instructions On The Massage To Follow

Today we would like to present to you techniques on how to get the Japanese skin care massage done at home, with utmost ease and comfort. The next time you feel tempted to speak to a doctor about a facelift, do come back and read this post- save your money and time, and be done away with the recovery and pains of the surgery that follow- holistic ways are the best ways to look radiant and supple!

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Begin With a Moisturizer

As mentioned, we leave it up to you if you want to use a moisturizer or not, but we shall start the massage or TSUBO as it is known in Japan with a generous amount of moisturizer in our hands. Begin by applying the moisturizer first on your forehead, and then with concentric circles apply the moisturizer around the forehead- repeat five times.

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Japanese facial massage techniques
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Push The Pesky Toxins

It is now time for you to push the pesky toxins out, and do so by gently rubbing the area between your eyebrows (your third eye), all the way down to your nose tip. Imagine exhaling the toxins out through the nose, with the help of your fingers. Emulate a sweeping motion when practicing the same- repeat five times.

facial massage steps
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Flick Your Chin

A flicking motion should be indulged in and from the chin upward to the lower li. This helps uplift areas around the mouth. This is also helpful in making the skin around this area produce more collagen too.

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Use The Corkscrew Like Movements

From the nose sides, push outward with your fingers and palms in a gentle manner to drive the pesky toxins away. And from the corners of your lips, all the way to the temples above, you should start pushing away the imaginary toxins using the same movements once again! Repeat five times for each side!


Focus On The Tension Points

It is around the eyes where stress can be seen the most, and these areas are called the tension points too. Most stress is accumulated here, which is why a facial massage around this zone is a must. Start by gently rubbing the area at the tip of your brow bone, sweeping towards the outside of the brows. Repeat five times per brow bone!

Japanese facial
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Bring back your fingers from the brow bone in a very gentle and slow manner, and place them under each eye. Close your eyes and gently tap the lids, five times. Take a deep breath and relax.

Your Face Can Now Look Slimmer And Smaller

With the help of Japanese facial massage techniques, people in Japan aren’t opting for surgery anymore to attain a facelift. It is one of the best kept holistic secrets, which can be done in the comfort of your home. You may or may not use creams too. And the best part is, apart from your palms and fingers, you wouldn’t need any special equipment for the massage too.

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Japanese skin care routine
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If you have been reading about the famous French massages and have wanted one, but couldn’t afford it- the self face massage routine followed by Japanese women is now available for free!


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