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Know Your Perfect Look Based On Your Sun Sign

by Fashionlady
Sun Sign Beauty

Zodiac Beauty

Zodiac signs and horoscopes are what most women read in the newspapers with their morning tea, and it’s a good habit. But what if we told you that you could develop your own fashion statement based on solely your zodiac sign? Each sun sign has its own uniqueness, and hence each person can spawn a unique fashion statement based on their sun sign. It’s easy, creative and personalized and will let everyone know how your personality really is!

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So Read On, Find Your Zodiac Beauty And See Which Features Stand Out To You The Most.

1. Aries

Characteristics: Spontaneous, liberated, courageous and benevolent

Fashion Statement: Be inclined towards putting on makeup that has a tint of natural brown shade to it, this will help emphasize your earthy side. Also, be resolute by opting for deep red lipstick, tied up hair, dark eyeliner and a thick brow; to show your courageous side.

Aries Beauty

2. Taurus

Characteristics: Tolerant, tenacious, loyal and materialistic

Fashion statement:  A bright yet crisp style of makeup mounted on a perfect foundation will do your sun sign justice. To complete your overall look apply on peachy-pink gloss and go for slightly curled hair. Portray your stubbornness by tying up your hair into a pony (to keep the strands out of your face).

Taurus Beauty

3. Gemini

Characteristics: Full of life, bright, arbitary and impassioned

Fashion statement: To bring out your lively demeanor you need makeup that gives a well-defined contour to your eyes. With this a blush red pout, beaming face and blooming cheeks will furnish your look. Short hair or a pixie haircut will reveal the true Gemini characteristics.

Gemini Beauty

4. Cancer

Characteristics: Trustworthy, visceral, sensible and delicate

Fashion statement: Accentuate your best visage – whether your eyes, lips or hair. Try out the mysterious smokey eye look, to help highlight your stunning eyes. But being smart and delicate girls, you should opt for light red coloured lipsticks and light shaded eye shadows for the daily routines.

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Cancer Beauty

5. Leo

Characteristics: Earnest, upbeat, vivacious and theatrical

6. Virgo

Characteristics: Attentive, decisive, idealist, and finicky

Fashion statement: Show everyone that working immaculately is a piece of cake for you. Contour winged eye makeup delicately, opt for soft yet brightly shaded lips and keep your tresses silky. Keep your face hydrated and glowing even under harshest conditions. Keeps your nails clean and manicured, maybe a French manicure?

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What Is Your Style by Zodiac

7. Libra

Characteristics: Culpable, enthusiastic, ingenious and enigmatic

Fashion statement: You focus on just one key detail that capable enough to boost your whole ensemble. Keep your hair tied up neatly in to a bun or in gorgeous wavy locks. Keep the makeup calm and subtle, for instance light pink lips and rosy cheeks and light eye shadow.

Libra Beauty

8. Scorpio

Characteristics: Charismatic, ardent, frenzied and tenacious

Fashion statement: Reveal your profound personality through your makeup – smeared black smoky eye shadow to creamy red lipstick. Keep your hair messy, dark coloured nails with heavy eye makeup and flawlessly poised body. Go all out with your sensual charm.

Scorpio Beauty

9. Sagittarius

Characteristics: Self reliant, aloof, approachable and intrepid

Fashion statement: To suit your vibrant personality you should select the most vivid colors, patterns and textures. Experiment with stylish buns or highlighted streaks. Unique colours of eyeshadows or nail polish, messy hairdos are all what a Sagittarius gal is about.

Sagittarius Beauty

10. Capricorn

Characteristics: Calm, devoted, introvert and cautious

Fashion statement: You prefer the already known and comfy styles. Subtle makeup, cleansed face and minimal shades of eyeshadow, mascara and lipsticks. Go for more nude hues, thick natural eye brows and the colour of your eye makeup matching the colour of your skin.

Fashion Astrology

11. Aquarius

Characteristics: Imaginative, restless, clever and authentic

Fashion statement: With your personality you should try out new and unique trends. Your taste can range from loose messy braids to elegant hairdos. Variety of daring colours like aqua and teal along with some nude lipstick are all a part of your exquisite style.

Fashion Horoscope

12. Pisces

Characteristics: Resilient, generous, whimsical and weary

Fashion statement: For the dreamer girls out there rich fairy tale colours will bring out your inner self. Opt for dark eye makeup, thick wavy tresses, light coloured lipstick and rosy cheeks. Your favourite feature is your eyes, and you make them stand out as much as you can with the use for mascara and glittering eye shadows.

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Fashion For Zodiac Signs

What is your zodiac sign? Just go for all the tips given and with ease you can match up your inner beauty with your outer one.

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