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Quirky Hairstyles By Signs, Astrological Stars And Personality

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In India, we aren’t unfamiliar to the role of astrology and what it plays in our lives, almost for everyone. Right from the time we are born, getting our names, to the time when we have to get married and even till our last breath, the role astrology plays is a very important one. With that being said, we looked around to see if astro and beauty can meet at a vantage point somehow, and it does. Here are Hairstyles By Signs that we think are pretty quirky and fun types to emulate. No hard and fast rule for you to follow them though, but hey, fashion is fashion; if the look suits, why not emulate the same?

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Horoscope Hair cuts and Hairstyles By Sign Discussed

The famous astrologer Linda Goodman too in one of her chronicles and books did mention about the importance of Hairstyles By Sign, which is exactly why we would want to share a few notes with you today. Read on please!


The arian woman would look best with layered hair cuts or step cuts, because most of them have abundant healthy hair to flaunt.

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Taureans are known never to experiment too much and love simplicity and look for beauty in everything. Women under this sign work best with simple bob cuts, pixies, medium length hairdos with bangs or shags.

Hair Horoscopes For Womens

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Geminis are never caught with the same look at all times; makes us now realize why they look different all the time. Long hair is advantageous to them, with soft curls and plenty of highlights.

Hairstyles By Signs

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While cancerians in most cases do not have the healthiest shiniest locks to flaunt, they know best how to manage with the little they have. U cuts to blunt cuts, or simple cropped cuts would be best for the cancerian woman.


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The lioness loves her mane and she doesn’t mind being a little over the top too. The sassiness and pizzazz of a lioness would be undoubtedly loud and on the face; they love experimenting to make a point. Chic faux bobs to bob cuts, short blunt hairdos, long flowing hair; they do it all!

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Signs and Their Hairstyles

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Call them perfectionists if you please, the virgins are never the ones that allow a single strand sway out of place. The best then would be to avoid hair that is extremely short or long; medium length shags and blunt nape neck length bob cuts would be best.

Virgo hairstyles

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Full of drama, adventurous at heart, fun loving and playful; on the same lines the saggi woman knows how to carry just about any hairdo with confidence like no one’s business. Punk to pixie, long to short and anything in between; they can carry it with pizzazz.

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They aren’t the brightest of the lot when it comes to being fashionable, and love to be nonchalant to trends at times. The hairdos they look for are clean, sleek and very old-school. Letting their hair loose and allowing it to be as natural as possible is a Capri woman’s choice.

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Bold, vivacious, fashionable and with a sense of pizzazz in their own rights, aquarian women love their swept bangs and the out of bed look, messy styles galore.

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Haircuts Horoscope Hairstyles By Sign

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They never shy from experimentation and would not care about who has to say what about their style; hence the shoulder length hairdo with curls or waves would be best for their nature to suit up in!

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