Gifts For Aquarius Woman To Make Her Forever Yours


Gifts For Aquarius Woman

February is a multi-gifted month. There is a Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day, all leading upto Valentine’s Day. God! What a barrage of festivals the month of Feb brings.

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Let us not forget about the birthday that most of us celebrate in February. We mean an Aquarian girl who by the very sign happens to be entertaining, interesting and thought-provoking. On that happy note, let us check out which gift is better for Aquarius woman.

Aquarius Personality

Things Liked By An Aquarian Woman

On a general note, Aquarian women are fond of electronic gadgets (and therefore technology), ornaments, puzzles and conversations.

She is an avid reader, and doesn’t mind picking up a book or go for magazine subscription. She loves to socialise and likes to be in the thick of attention. History and culture fascinate her like anything.

While we have rounded up a couple of suggestions on gifts for Aquarius woman, we would love to hear the favourite gifts that you have received from your man or are eyeing the same (provided you are an Aquarian girl).

1. Jewelry

Tell us of one Aquarian woman who doesn’t mind getting the bling from the man she loves. A sexy personalised message when added to a jewellery gift such as a bracelet, pendant, ring or whatever surely maintains smile on her lips for years together.

Gifting her crystal-studded ring, temple jewellery or a bead bracelet would fancy the originality she demands in gifts.

Gift Ideas For Aquarius Woman

2. Kindles

Okay, we know the latest way of browsing books. It takes just a Wi-Fi connection for an Aquarian woman to read endless books that are up to her taste. So books make a knowledgeable Aquarius birthday gifts that women love to eternity. An Aquarian woman would love to explore hi-tech gadgets such as the newest GPS system doing the rounds or for that matter a fancy digital camera or mobile phone.

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Gift For Girl

3. Books And Magazine Subscriptions

If you are looking for pocket-friendly gifts for Aquarius woman, then books and magazines should be the obvious choice. Look around for titles that range between culture, humanities, science to social issues and travel and yes jewellery and fashion certainly.

If the lady is an avid reader, then gifting her a Kindle as mentioned above would be a good gifting and eco-friendly option (since there is no hacking of trees involved). An invitation or membership to a gift club or a famous book launch or a tea party after would floor her.

Aquarius Woman Gifts


4. Beauty Products

An Aquarian woman is very selective when it comes to choosing cosmetics and perfumes. She is extremely brand-conscious and goes for trusted labels. But if she is gifted a luxury brand of her taste which normally she doesn’t buy, that would be a thoughtful gesture.

Aquarius Woman Personality

5. Dressing Up Home

Most Aquarian women are finicky about doing their home and take pride in men who not only think the same but do likewise.
Things like vacuum cleaners are given and might not be considered a gift worth clapping about. However, bed sheets having high thread count certainly makes a thoughtful and romantic gift to an Aquarian woman.

6. Movies and DVD’s

Watching a movie together goes a long way in making Aquarius birthday gifts laudable. Not only does it hold sentimental value, it is wonderful if the Aquarian girl and her partner sit back and watch the DVD of a movie that they had watched the first time together. How romantic, isn’t it?

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