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Monsoon Make-Up Tips: No More Bleeding Kohl and Smudgy Lips

by Fashionlady
Monsoon makeup tips for women

Monsoon Makeup Tips

Although monsoon is a season that everyone craves for especially to get a sigh of relief from the scorching Indian summer days, the season yet comes with its own restraints along-with do’s and don’ts’ list.

The rainy season is when make-up becomes a quirky task. Regardless of your best efforts to save your face from glaring eyes, the sudden downpour smudges your make-up badly.  The dense make-up always involves the risk of being badly smudged, just go through our tips to keep your make-up long lasting without worrying for any unexpected downpour.

Play safe

  • We know there is no need to say this but during rainy season, you should always step out with waterproof make-up.
  • However, some extra precautions are also required like before applying make-up, rub an ice cube on your face to maintain it for longer period.
Monsoon Makeup Tips for womens

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  • If your skin is oily then go for an astringent after applying the ice just to make your skin look fresh.
  • And those with dry skin, they should go for a good toner in place of astringent.

Pick a color

For eyes 

Monsoon MakeUp Tips

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Different neon shades for eyes

Bright neon shades are commonplace these days in fashion domain. Such shades with subtle sheen can work for your eyes. You can even go for lemon green, frosty blue or any silver shade. These colors are vibrant, young and pappy making you all set to make your fashion statement.


For lips

Matte Lipstick monsoon

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You should go for dark colors, as they will make you look a shade lighter than your actual complexion. However, try settling down for any long-lasting lipstick.

Monsoon makeup

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Matte is the best option to go for. Avoid lip gloss, as it will smudge easily if you get wet. You can go for any matte colors including red, orange and pink.

For nails

Try something different this monsoon. Go for lemon, blue, pink, ivory or mauve for your nails this season.

Fashion alert

This season the fashion is high on contrast. Don’t go for nude make-up, as it will even make your face look more washed out and pale. Instead, go for a dash of bronzer along-with pop tints.

apply bronzer monsoon

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Just spray the mist and pat the spoilt area with a thick tissue to give it a quick fix-it and refresh your make-up.

Things you should avoid

  • Cream based makeup products, as they are likely to make you sweat more
  • Too much glitter and shimmer, as it will overdo the shine on your face
  • Sticky/thick lip-gloss, as it will easily get smudged when you get wet

Now you’re all set for monsoon

How To Apply Makeup In Monsoon

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