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Most Wanted Engagement Rings On Pinterest

by Fashionlady
Engagement Ring On Pinterest

Engagement Ring On Pinterest

Any clue what brides the world over are busy checking out on the social media platform? It is not just clothes and cosmetics. Not even diamonds and solitaires which score the most when it comes to engagement rings. There is something far better and priceless. Well, Pinterest searches proved it! Well, how many of us know it is one of the best places for engagement ring inspiration. Get close to your computer screen for an awesome treat as I show you most wanted engagement rings on Pinterest. You are gonna LOVE It. It’s Cinderella approved (I have reasons to think so), as much as celebs and I am not kidding.

Okay, now what is this most beautiful engagement ring which called for some deep digging on Pinterest? This ring is actually made of an incredibly rare stone called moissanite.

According to The Sun, A UK based newspaper, Moissanite rings have become the most popular rings on the internet!

Moissanite rings

Source: in.pinterest.com/Sapheenajewelry/

What Is Special About MoissaniteRings

We need to thank the French scientist Henri Moissan. In 1893, he first discovered the moissanite stone in a meteor crater. How explosive it sounds, never mind.

Because this gemstone moissanite is so rare, it is created in a laboratory. This makes it eco-friendly too!

Hold your breath, the best part about these rings is that the Moissanite rings have often been referred to as an “affordable” alternative to diamonds!

Strange, but why?

Because moissanite looks like a diamond. Also, it is strong and even sparkles like a diamond (somewhat). It is another thing that moissanite’s sparkle captures a wide spectrum of color.

Moissanite rings are the most popular Pinterest search among future brides-to-be as they just can’t have enough of this gorgeous form of jewelry. You will be shocked to learn that searches for the moissanite ring increased by 294% in the last year alone on Pinterest. And there is no stopping this trend. Not until such time another Moissanite-look alike is discovered.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings:

The moissanite ring is not the only ring from Pinterest which is grabbing attention. Rose gold engagement rings with a diamond solitaire have come up to be the most beautiful engagement rings on Pinterest for 2017. This ring graces the fingers of Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, and Lauren Conrad.

Think bridal and you will notice the rose gold trend on the rise. Pinterest’s 2017 Wedding Report mentions pink (to be specific “dusty rose”) as the IT color of the year.

This custom-made engagement ring has a 1.22-carat diamond solitaire encrusted on a two-millimeter rose gold band. That’s not just all. It has been saved over 103,900 times as reported by The Daily Mail.

And who is the owner of this ring? Art Deco in style with a rose gold band, the ring belongs to Sylvia Billone.

Don’t you think this band adds just the right amount of twinkle on the finger?

Though Sylvia did not reveal the price of the 1.22 karat solitaire ring, she went on to explain that she had the ring custom-made after getting due inspiration from other images she had spotted on Pinterest.

Solitaire Engagement Ring

Source: in.pinterest.com/sylviabillone/

Here are six more stunning solitaire designs to capture your heart.

David Yurman Petite Single Cable Engagement Ring in 18K Rose Gold, Round:

David Yurman Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Source: in.pinterest.com/davidyurman/

The Tiffany Setting 18K Rose Gold

Tiffany Rose Gold Ring

Source: in.pinterest.com/TiffanyAndCo/

Promise Ring with a Diamond in 10kt Rose Gold

Rose Gold Promise Ring

Source: in.pinterest.com/michaelhillj/

Timeless Elegance, PANDORA Rose™ & Clear CZ


Source: in.pinterest.com/officialpandora/

Birks 1979 Emerald Cut Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

Emerald Cut Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

Source: in.pinterest.com/maisonbirks/

1895 Solitaire Ring, Platinum With a Pear-shaped Diamond

Solitaire Ring Pear Shaped Diamond

Source: in.pinterest.com/cartier/

Still, want to have a look at some more breath-taking engagement rings?

Here are the top ten most loved engagement rings on Pinterest.

1. Forever Classic Moissanite Engagement Ring with Diamonds in 14K Rose Gold Halo-Style Setting Size 7

Moissanite Engagement Ring with Diamonds

Source: in.pinterest.com/etsy

2. This step cut hexagon is not only lovable for the step cuts it has but this cut is very rare!

Martin Katz Rings

Source: in.pinterest.com/martinkatzltd/

3. Pear cuts have always been the subject of love and attention but this round-bottomed pear with diamond pave underneath is the juiciest thing you could set your eyes on.

Pear cut diamond ring

Source: in.pinterest.com/ashcoberg/

4. Here is another pear cut favorite. Spectacular example it is of quality cut and shape.

Pear Cut Engagement Ring

Source: in.pinterest.com/diamondsbyRL

5. Looking at it will convince you why this eye candy is a favorite on Pinterest.

Yellow Diamond Ring

Source: in.pinterest.com/1stdibs

6. Check out this stunning engagement ring.

Best Engagement Rings

Source: in.pinterest.com/SGFineJewels

7. Three stone emerald cut diamond engagement ring with a pink diamond halo. Want it?

Engagement Rings Blowing Up Our Pinterest - martin katz diamond engagement ring The Top 10 Engagement Rings Blowing Up Our Pinterest - martin katz diamond engagement ring The Top 10 Engagement Rings Blowing Up Our Pinterest

Source: in.pinterest.com/martinkatzltd

8. Check out the stunning engagement rings that are a go-to for inspiration. This amazing shot is one of the most popular Pinterest searches.

Engagement Ring On Pinterest

Source: in.pinterest.com/ritani/

9. Celeb followers will agree this vintage ring is very similar to Pippa Middleton’s engagement ring.

Platinum Engagement Ring

Source: in.pinterest.com/brilliantearth/

10. Yet another gorgeous rock – the pear cut diamond engagement ring is awe-inspiring!

Pear cut diamond engagement ring

Source: in.pinterest.com/adiamor

Now stop ogling at the most wanted engagement ring on Pinterest, honey. Add it to your fingers instead after showing the ring – Moissanite rings or the other options from Pinterest to your favorite jeweler (preferably leading one) and getting it customized. Which of the blings shown above are you smitten with? Tell us in the comments box below. Cheers to the perfect, beautiful and incredibly special rocks.

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