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Mothers Adopt The Twinning Trend 

by Fashionlady
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Charm of microfashion and twinning among kids!

In today’s world of fashion, there are more trendsetters than people going with the flow. Everyone wishes to don accessories and clothes that are creatively designed with trendy color combinations and prints. And I’ve observed this not just in the youth and adults, but also among babies and teenagers. In fact, the term “microfashion” has gained huge popularity on social media platforms over the last few years. Kids wearing trendy and idiosyncratic attire along with cute accessories certainly look like little fashionable angels.

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Another term, “twinning” has been made famous by celebrities that bring a family approach to fashion. It involves wearing something very similar to your kids in order to look alike. A couple of celeb mothers who have had a go are Kim Kardashian and her daughter North and former TOWIE star Billi Mucklow and her ten-month old son Arlo. Meanwhile, more than two million photos of siblings, babies and parents wearing matching clothes have been posted on Instagram under the hashtag- #twinning! To be honest, there is nothing cuter than wearing matching clothes with your son/daughter or siblings.

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Now the challenge is where to find twinning clothes in India? People think that Indian market is outdated and finding quality fashionable kids’ clothes is not an easy task. But Kidology has broken all such prejudices, as the reputed brand acts as a shopping solution for every parent who wants perfect dresses for their kids. You will find the finest collections of designer kids wear at Kidology, suitable for every occasion, traditional or casual. All you need to do is sit and surf through Kidology online, in your comfortable zone at home and buy designer clothes for your beloved babies. You will also get many “twinning” ideas from the website.

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Majority of mothers want their daughters to dress like them since they find it adorable to see their mini self. Obviously, having a “mini- me” version is too cute to resist. Also, matching outfits saves time as it’s just like “copy-paste” in different sizes. The best part is that it sets a double style statement in one go; your daughter has hers and you got yours, different yet similar to a large extent. It’s like a perfect combination of micro-fashion and adult fashion. And every little princess looks up to her mum and loves to wear the same outfit as her. Genuine admiration towards mothers make girls want to be like them. Dressing up girls is super fun because you can play with so many colors and designs, hairdos, makeup, accessories and a lot more. You can find beautiful dresses for baby girls on Kidology along with cute accessories like shoes, bows, hair bands and bags to buy and accomplish your twinning plans. Here are a few dress designs that you can get in your size to start the twinning game:

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One of the best inspirations for twinning is ‘Beyoncé and Blue Ivy Carter’! This mother-daughter duo walked the red carpet at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards and left the onlookers stunned. Both the ladies looked exquisite in their coordinating couture! Although this certainly wasn’t the first time Beyoncé and Blue have been caught twinning, as they have always given major twinning goals to mothers and daughters around the world. Another mother-baby duo that deserves applause for being the most fashionable twosome is Coco and Chanel! Whether baby Chanel is appearing in photos on social media or relaxing on vacation, we couldn’t help but notice her matching style with her mom.

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Above all, you should remember that fashion is what you buy; style is what you do with it! So shop for finest fashionable designer dresses for your children from Kidology; infuse twinning ideas and use your creativity to create cute styles. Every once in a while you must bond with the little angels of the family and have a magical picture perfect moment!

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