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Multi-Masking: Korean Beauty Secret Revealed!

by Fashionlady
Multi Masking

Multi Masking Trend

Multi-masking! A recent beauty trend that is taking the fashion industry by storm. Essentially, Multi- masking was a trend that started by some Korean beauties, today, the Korean Multi Masking Beauty Trend is gradually spreading its wings rapidly across continents. This has to be credited to the ardent Youtube fashionistas, Twitter tweeters and Instagram selfie- stars.

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If you have seen a lot of recent posts on your social media pages with girls in multi-colored face packs placed as patches on their face, and can’t figure out what it’s all about. Then this article is a must read for you.

Multi Masking Diy

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So, What Is Multi-Masking Trend?

In this article, we wanted to let our readers know all about the recent Multi-masking trend. If you asked someone who is relatively of out touch with recent trends, they would have to tell you that, by the English dictionary, there is only one word that sounds some-what similar which is multitasking, which means the ability to execute more than one task at a given time. Multitasking essentially has the same meaning but is all about using different facial masks depending on the facial area it is being applied to. Not everyone has a uniform skin type all over the face. For example, our T-zone is oilier than others and prone to acne, redness and break-outs easily whereas the cheeks could do with some extra moisturization. No single face mask cannot address to all your skin needs and issues. This is where Multi-masking comes into play.

Korean Multi Masking

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The Art Of Multi Masking:

When you are considering Multi-masking it is imperative that you know how to choose your masks. To make the choice easier, you need to first identify the problem that you generally face and then pick a mask accordingly. Read on to find out more about your facial divisions and needs for each skin division.

The T-zone: The T-zone is the zone that starts from your forehead area, just above the eyebrows and continues down the bridge of the nose to cover the entire nose and its immediate skin area. These tend to get oilier and more prone to breakouts than the rest of the face. A clarifying mask or Clay masks work great for these areas. In other words, you will need a mask that will remove the excess oil and control the sebum here in this area. If you have a lot of blackheads, you could also use Blackhead removal strips widely available in the market today.

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Neglected Bits:  When we are following a skin care regime we generally tend to forget the areas like the jawline, forehead area, which is closest to the hairline, and the area near the ears. We need to keep track of the moisturization of these areas. The use of a hydrating mask works wonders here.

What Is Multimasking

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The Eyes: The skin around our eyes is very delicate and tends to develop fine lines, laugh lines and crow’s feet easily, especially if you in your thirties. An intense moisturising treatment regime here is great for the addressing the issues. If you don’t feel too comfortable while applying inorganic masks near your eyes, you could also opt for this multi masking DIY. Rub coconut oil directly with your fingers around your eyes in a circular fashion regularly to avoid fine lines, laugh lines and crow’s feet.


Luscious Lips: Like the eyes, the lips also need some extra special care. Apart from lip balms and moisturizing lipsticks, you could use, widely available rejuvenating lip masks.

Cheeks: Your cheek bones peaking a little above the rest of your face and your upper forehead are exposed to the sun more and therefore, tend to get more tanned compare to the rest of your face. If unchecked this can lead to hyperpigmentation. You can use a skin brightening mask for these areas.

Korean Multi Masking Beauty Trend

Source: bmeskincare.com

Now, having said that, let us tell you about the application of these masks. Apply area specific masks on various parts of your face. Let all the masks dry and then rise out with lukewarm water or a muslin tissue dipped in water. You can keep these masks on for a maximum of 20 minutes for the first time. For further regimes, observe how your skin reacts and give it your best bet.

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