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Oily Hair Diet: What To Eat To Prevent Sticky And Greasy Hair

by Fashionlady
Oily Hair Diet

Oily Hair Diet

Dry hair, oily hair, damaged hair and rough hair- so many problems that your hair goes through, but did you know that the solution to all this lies in what goes into your body? Yes, in order to have healthy and strong and lustrous locks, you need to take care of your diet. In this article we will discuss mainly about oily hair diet and different types of food remedies for oily hair.

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Food To Eat For Oily Hair

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What Food To Eat For Oily Hair

A lot of conditions including oily hair are because your diet is not right and something in your diet is causing the sebaceous glands to produce more oil than it should. We will talk about some of the best ways and a good diet for greasy hair. If you are really troubled by oily hair, then there are some food items that you would have to avoid like the plague. They have a tendency to make your sweat glands produce more oil and hence lead to oily and limp hair. Here are some tips on what food to eat for oily hair.

Follow a Low Sugar Diet

Too much sugar is anyway not good for the body. Carbohydrates that go in our body have a high Glycemic Index (GI) rating and are quickly broken down by the body. This leads to a rapid rise in the blood glucose levels, which in turn releases large amounts of insulin. This insulin starts circulating in the bloodstream and it can in turn lead to a sharp increase in the level of androgen which is circulating. This androgen in turn can lead to an increase in the formation of sebum. Hence, try and avoid sugary foods as much as possible.

Diet For Greasy Hair

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Keep a Watch On The Fats You Are Consuming

Just because your hair is oily does not mean that you will eliminate fats completely from diet. Oily hair diet too requires fats of some kind and it is important that you don’t eliminate them completely from the daily food that you have. Saturated fats and trans fats- the ones that are found in animal fat and in fried objects are the ones which are very harmful for the skin and the body. But the good fats in your body promote health. So don’t ignore the good fats, but try to stay away from the bad fats as much as possible.

Food Remedies For Greasy Hair

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Eat Food Rich In Vitamin B And E

One of the most important vitamins for body and hair is Vitamin B. Eating food rich in Vitamin B will help combat the oil production in your body and scalp. The sebum production is regulated by having food rich in Vitamin B which is found primarily in foods such as poultry, fish, meat, beans, fruits and vegetables. They will not only make your hair much stronger, but at the same time also make it lustrous and healthy looking.

B Vitamin Food

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Vitamin E rich food contains the essential oils necessary for the body to keep the skin and hair healthy. It is found mostly in nuts, fruits and green leafy vegetables.

E Vitamin Food

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Zoom On The Zinc

Zinc is a supplement which is needed in a small amount by the human body and increasing the amount will help in the control of the sebum production by the skin and the scalp. Besides supplements, zinc is also found in many daily food items like fish, nuts, legumes and grains. Oats are also a rich source of zinc. Include these foods in your body to help improve the quality of your hair and change the way your hair looks!

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Zinc Food

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All the food items we mentioned are amazing for an oily hair diet. Take these regulary to change the way your tresses look.

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