Palaash Miss India 2015 – “Beauty with Purpose”


The list of beauty pageants that are held on the universal scale is hard to count. Chances are there is one pageant happening in some part of the world this very minute. But the one we are going to tell you about is going to be held in India this year.

Ladies and gentlemen, get your eyes closer to your screen as we at FashionLady announce ‘The Palaash Miss India 2015″. No, this is not another Femina contest if you thought so. This pageant is a platform that will present the combined package of beauty and brains of the modern Indian woman.

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What does it have for the contestants? It’s an exciting opportunity for the budding beauties who wish to showcase their talent and personality to the world.

Event Organiser

‘The Palaash Miss India 2015″ is being organised by Palaash Global – a brand that fully endorses beauty in all its forms, and not just restricts it to body contours. In fact, Palaash makes an endeavour to improve the ‘image of a Woman’ in India by helping females from all sections of the society to get their deserving place in the society. In doing so, Palaash is poised to create platforms that shall showcase multiple dimensions of a woman on grounds such as grace, charm, elegance, intelligence and compassion. Ah…this is defining the women in the best possible way!

Event Sponsors and Partners

Following are the sponsors and partners of the ‘The Palaash Miss India 2015’ which is quite impressive in the first place:

  • Women’s Era
  • Jawed Habib
  • Omaxe
  • Dr Kiran Lohia, Managing Director of Lumiere Dermatology
  • Shahnaz Hussain
  • Fever 104 FM (radio partner)
  • Woodstock India (travel partner)
  • www.Kolkata24* (online blossom partner)

Event Registration Details

Any event – be it fashion, music or reality show conducted in the past, present or anticipated in the future goes through a set of auditions. In the case of Palaash Miss India 2015, auditions will begin in May end in the eastern part of India.

What about the registration part? Female applicants can register themselves in two ways:

a) Either online (or)

b) Giving auditions in the states they come from.

The registration fee is Rs 1500. However do keep it in mind that the female candidate should be single, an Indian national, and in the age bracket of 18-26 years during the time of registration. If these are not adhered to, then the candidature of the applicant would stand rejected.


The Jury

The Palaash Miss India 2015 has an impressive jury. Mr Kaushik Ghosh would be the National Pageant Director. The challenge lying ahead of him would be to discover hidden talents of participating women all over the country. Since it is a nation-wide event, it will highlight the potential of participating contestants and kick start their career.

The beauty pageant has another human side to it too. You may ask how? Well, this Miss India competition shall be focusing on bringing out the humanity aspect of the contestants by involving them in different activities of societal well-being. Chaanv (NGO for Acid Attack Victims) would be the social responsibility partner of Palaash Miss India 2015.

Palaash Miss India 2015

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How do the participants gain?

Participating in any beauty competition gets you impressive benefits such as the monetary angle and of course the beauty crown. The contestants of Palaash Miss India 2015 will stand to get wonderful benefits too from this Beauty Pageant.

First of all they would be groomed to bring out the best in them. Secondly, they will get introduced to the latest and the hottest in fashion, styling and make up trends, that too by International experts. Thirdly, this would be a fantastic chance to get introduced to the famous Page 3 celebrities and icons.
Without a doubt, the Palaash Miss India 2015 contest will provide the candidates a platform to move ahead into the world of showbiz at the Pan-India level and get instant fame.


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