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30 Penelope Cruz Hairstyles You Could Steal

by Fashionlady
Penelope Cruz New Haircut

Penelope Cruz Hairstyles

Penelope Cruz is a leading fashion icon for beauty, makeup and hairstyles industry. Penelope Cruz hails from Hollywood, has a style that is totally inspiring and worth checking out. She, with her perfect Disney-princess like long, dark hair looks beautiful in almost all her hairstyles. She gives hairstyles that extra edge with her beautifully distinctive facial features and perfect round face shape.

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In this article, we are bringing you the top 25 Penelope Cruz hairstyles that your favorite Vanilla Sky actress has sported down the years. Read On…

Penelope Cruz Loves Taking The Long Route.

1. The Side Part

The Pirates of the Caribbean actress keep her hair parted to one side, with the other side tightly help up. An elegant look overall.

Hollywood Celebrities Hairstyle

Source: yimg.com

2. Sexy Braids

Penelope Cruz looks ravishing in the casual messy braids that are left without a tie, giving a rustic look to the Spanish actress.

Penelope Cruz Messy Braids

Source: imgur.com

3. Exquisite

Cruz is seen wearing her hair straight and mid-parted. Her hair here looks silky, shiny and lustrous, giving her an exquisite look.

Penelope Cruz Straight Hairstyle

Source: pinterest.com

4. Edgy

At a photo shoot, Penelope was seen to sport a vintage look with her signature bangs and long messy tresses.

Penelope Cruz Hairstyle

Source: pretty-hairstyles.com

5. Highlights

Penelope Cruz was seen in long, highlighted hair at ‘The Counselor’ Screening in London.

Celebrity Hairstyles

Source: Pinterest.com

6. Layered

Here you can see Penelope sporting a signature Hollywood celebrities’ hairstyle, long, layered and sexy.

Hairstyles With Bangs

Source: whynotcoconut.com

7. Ravishing

Known for her sense of style, Penelope Cruz rocks the charts with extremely gorgeous side part that give volume to her hair and keeps the focus on her beautiful face.

9. Sleek

In this sleek straight hairstyle, Penelope Cruz looks like a Porcelain doll from an expensive collectibles store.

Penelope Cruz Hair Secrets

Source: hdwallpaper.nu

10. A Beautiful Mess

Penelope Cruz has rocked the looked a simple yet beautiful country girl here. Her hair styled in soft messy curls give her that ever innocent look.

Penelope Cruz Keeps It Peppy

11. Shoulder Curls

Curls on her slightly highlighted brown hair complimented her olive skin tone and full face well.

Penelope Cruz Curly Hairstyles

Source: fashionphobia.org

12. Wavy

Cruz was spotted at the airport with her wavy brown mane with locks to draw her face.


Penelope Cruz Wavy Hairstyles

Source: pinterest.com

13. Ombre

At a Mango event, Cruz sported Ombre highlighted tresses, which came as a welcome breather from the other typical Penelope Cruz Hairstyles

Penelope Cruz Ombre Hairstyles

Source: hairstyles123.com

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14. Blown Out

Penelope Cruz hair looks gorgeous in this recent photo shoot, Blown out on top and wavy in the end her burgundy hair does justice to her skin tone.

Hair Secrets Of Penelope Cruz


15. Sexy

Looks like these on our favorite Zoolander actress, makes fans wonder about Penelope Cruz hair secrets. The way she wears her hair here does justice to absolute style icon name that she has earned.

Penelope Cruz New Haircuts

Source: urbansplatter.com

16. Ponytail

The Counselor actress looks pretty as a pixie in this Penelope Cruz new haircut, she could almost pass for a real life Disney princess with that cute ponytail clubbed with medium bangs.

Penelope Cruz Ponytail Hairstyle

Source: pinterest.com

17. Classic Bun Hairstyle

Elegant is how you define this hairstyle. The classic bun hairstyle looks gorgeous on her and we love how it gives off a very royal vibe. Penelope Cruz’s dark hair looks stunning tied up in a classic bun.

Classic Bun Hairstyle

Source: pinterest.com

18. Bun With Bangs

Adding a twist to her hairstyles is nothing new for Penelope. She once again rocked a classic bun hairstyle but she also added some bangs to it which instantly added a fun element to her overall look. Penelope Cruz’s long hair is ideal for trying out such fun hairstyles.

Bun With Bangs

Source: pinterest.com

19. Deep Side Part Straight Hair

Penelope wowed us all when she made an appearance with a deep side part straight hair. A very easy to achieve look, you should definitely try this Penelope Cruz straight hair look.

Deep Side Part Straight Hair

Source: pinterest.com

20. Ombre Hair Style

What do you think of this Penelope Cruz ombre hair style? We are totally crushing it and we think she looks just gorgeous with her long ombre tresses.

 Ombre Hair Style

Source: pinterest.com

21. Stunning Curls

For one of her photoshoots, her hair was styled in to curls and we must say she took our breath away! Don’t believe us? Take a look at the below Penelope Cruz curly hair style.

Stunning Curls

Source: pinterest.com

Penelope Cruz Wears Short Hair

22. The Retro Look

Penelope Cruz sported a retro updo at Oscars in 2012. Her nude dress and elegant jewelry do complete justice to her retro look.

Penelope Cruz Wears Short Hair

Source: penelope-cruz.org

23. The Bob

The Spanish actress is sporting a faux bob here, which paired with leather jacket gives her a biker-chic look.

Bob Hairstyles For Penelope Cruz

Source: hairstylesweekly.com

24. Straight And Casual

Penelope Cruz is seen flaunting her signature hairstyle with bangs.

Hairstyle With Bangs

Source: thehairstyler.com

25. Updo

Penelope Cruz has her hair styled in a vintage inspired updo with bangs to add that extra oomph.

Penelope Cruz Updo Hairstyles

Source: pinterest.com

26. Standout

Penelope Cruz looks all so hot in her new short punk inspired hairstyle.

Penelope Cruz Short Punk Inspired Hairstyle

Source: short-haircut.com

27. Chic

Penelope Cruz‘s hairstyle here is chic and minimalistic. A short hairstyle, with hair kept open, with her now slightly longer bangs styled to the side with a clean, small side parting.

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Penelope Cruz Pixie Crop Short Hairstyle

Source: beautyriot.com

28. Pretty Updo

Here we can see Penelope Cruz sporting a very clean, sleek and sophisticated updo that all the hair off her face. From what it seems she got her basic updo done with braids instead of taking the routine route. This was a must on Penelope Cruz hairstyles list.

29. Chopped It Off

At one point of time, Penelope Cruz had also sported the punk bob. Her beauty was nothing near to cropped though.

Penelope Cruz Punk Bob Hairstyle

Source: eonline.com

30. Cute Updo

At a red carpet event, we saw our Favorite Penelope Cruz sporting a cute updo and an extended bunch of locks covering half of her forehead.

Penelope Cruz Hair Secret

Source: trendymods.com

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