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25 Popular Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles

by Fashionlady
Jennifer Aniston short hair

Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles

Jennifer Aniston, best known for her role in the extremely popular TV series “FRIENDS”, has one of prettiest faces in the industry to back up her acting skills. Apart from her commendable acting skills, Jennifer has been popular for the fashion front as well. Throughout the 16 years in Bollywood, Jennifer Aniston has flaunted a myriad of hairstyles, which can inspire girls with simple girl-next-door looks to experiment with their hair. For all of the girls out there, with a face shape similar to that of Jennifer Aniston’s oval face shape, we have compiled a list of top 25 Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles.

Jennifer Aniston Short Hair Fascination

For all of the girls out there, with a face shape similar to that of Jennifer Aniston’s oval face shape, we have compiled a list of top 25 Jennifer Aniston Hairstyle, which include Jennifer Aniston Short Hair, long hair and various other hairstyles.

1. Peppy Waves

This Jennifer Aniston hairstyle was sported during her FRIENDS days. This peppy look enabled her to look every part of the timeless beauty Ms. Rachel Green.hel Green.

Jennifer Aniston Hair Style

Source: Today.com

2. Sprightly Chop

Being one of the sexiest Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles that we have seen over the years, this Jennifer Aniston pixie cut look had to make it to the list.

Jennifer aniston pixie cut

Source: hairstylesweekly.com

3. The Good Old Bob

Jennifer Aniston revealed her newest hairstyle on Instagram and made her first public appearance with the dramatic Jennifer Aniston haircut. She rocked the short bob hairstyle as she stepped out for an appointment in LA.

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Jennifer Aniston Short Hair

Source: short-haircut.com

4. The Cutest Bob

This Jennifer Aniston haircut is one of the cutest that she has sported by far. Which is a huge statement, considering the big time “Hair Icon” she has always been.

Jennifer Aniston braids

Source: slodive.com

5. The Blunt Cut

Though Jennifer Aniston’s long hair looks are amazing, this Jennifer Aniston blond hair color blunt cut had become a top favorite among teenage girls back in 2001. The cut seems to compliment her face perfectly.

Jennifer aniston blunt cut

Source: nydailynews.com

6. Wavy Bob

This Jennifer Aniston brown hair has a slight formal touch to it. It is a perfect cut for women edging on the late twenties.

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Jennifer Aniston short hairstyle

Source: wp.com

Jennifer Aniston’s Love For Long Tresses

7. Elegance Personified

Jennifer Aniston went for the straight glossy golden locks in a textured blonde, for the Critic’s Choice Awards

Jennifer Aniston Haircuts

9. Beautifully Long

A photo from her ravishing photo shoot album, where Jennifer Aniston’s hair color looks stunning, bright and vibrant in her long mane.

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Jennifer Aniston Haircut

Source: slodive.com

10. Long And Wavy

Jennifer Aniston looked great at the Calvin Klein event, where she took a break from her generally straight hair.

Jennifer Anistons iconic hairstyles

Source: hairstylesweekly.com

11. Layers

In this particular photo shoot, the Jennifer Aniston’s Blonde hair looked effortlessly styled and luscious. The long Layers seem to create that enhanced bouncy effect on her hair.

Jennifer Aniston Medium Hair

12. The Perfect Holiday Look

Jennifer pulled off the perfect Hawaiian Holiday look in style, wearing her blonde hair in a loose sexy side braid.

Jennifer Aniston Hair Evolution

Source: hairstylesweekly.com

13. Cutest Bangs

In her movie the Horrible Bosses, Aniston sported long wavy honey tinge hued tresses with cute short frontal bangs.


Jennifer Aniston Hair

Source: instyle.co.uk

Here are some of her other looks where she sported the bangs hairstyle

Jennifer Aniston Blonde Hair Color

Source: pinterest

14. Braids

Jennifer Aniston was seen sporting the toughest braids, the fishtail braid. This type of braid goes great with the formal attire.

Jennifer Aniston Hair Secrets

15. Dainty

Aniston sported a very clean and chic signature Jennifer Aniston Hairstyle on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

Jennifer Aniston bob Hairstyles

Source: popsugar-assets.com

Jennifer Aniston Likes To Experiment

16. A Sleek Updo

Jennifer Aniston showed us how to wear a sleek, elegant Updo effortlessly at the Governors Awards 2014.

Hot Tpye Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles

Source: assets.instyle.co.uk

Another sleek updo that she rocked at the Golden Globes Awards

Jennifer Aniston Wedding Hair

Source: pinterest

17. A Chic Messy Bun

Jennifer Aniston sported this beautiful and sexy messy bun at the Golden globe awards. This hairstyle that perfectly complimented her dress is described as a spontaneous last moment decision by Hairstylist Chris McMillan.

Jennifer Aniston Hair Extensions

Source: pinterest

18. A Beautiful Mess

Jennifer Aniston looks pretty as a picture with her wavy side-parted hair secured with just one clip. This Jennifer Aniston Hairstyle seems to bring some additional volume into her tresses.

How to Get Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles

Source: slodive.com

19. A Two-Way Style

With a slight braid covering the area near her forehead and soft curls near the ending of her blonde hair, Jennifer Aniston rocked the red carpet at the Oscars ceremony.

Super Sexy Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles

Source: slodive.com

20. A Braided Updo

Jennifer being the style icon she is got Mcmillian to do a braided Updo for her. This Jennifer Aniston hairstyle definitive describes the phrase “the best of both worlds”.

Pictures of Jennifer Aniston Haircut

Source: dailymail.co.uk

21. Highlights

Aniston has a great stylist, which is clearly indicated by Jennifer Aniston hair highlights. These highlights are even-toned and look almost natural and sun-kissed.

Rachel Green Hair

Source: pinterest

22. A Different Hue

For an event, Jennifer Aniston was seen in highlighted strong tresses, which were dyed a bright ombre.

Jennifer Aniston Hair Secret

Source: pinterest

23. Mid Length

For one of her red carpet appearances, Aniston was seen in mid-length layered haircut which suited her face structure well.

Celebrity Hairstyles

Source: prettydesigns.com

24. Darker Highlights

Jennifer Aniston was seen adorning the Cosmopolitan magazine cover in her honey shaded darker highlights.

Jennifer Aniston Hairstyle Pictures

Source: jenniferanistonhairstyles.com

25. Go Brunette

This Jennifer Aniston haircut was all brunette with a mid-length hairstyle with high layers.

Pictures of Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles

Source: youtube.com

Hairstyles Of Jennifer Aniston As Rachel Green From FRIENDS

Jennifer Aniston has starred in a number of movies but she will always be remembered for her iconic character Rachel Green in the show FRIENDS. Her ‘Rachel Hairstyles’ or the “Rachel haircut’ something we are all obsessed with, so we have listed down some of her looks form the show.

Rachel Green hair style started with the below tousled waves look.

Rachel Hairstyle

Source: pinterest

By Season 3, Jennifer Aniston’s FRIENDS hair style grew long and straight.

Rachel Hair

Source: pinterest

She was also seen sporting a cute two-braided look in one of the episodes.

Rachel Green Hair Style

Source: lifeandstylemag.com

As new Seasons were aired, the Rachel Haircut was updated and Jennifer was seen sporting super long, straight and layered hair.

The Rachel Haircut Updated

Source: pinterest

And this is how Rachel said goodbye to all of us!

The Rachel Hairstyle

Jennifer’s blonde tresses with darker hues gives her face warmth and ups her style quotient. If you too have an oval shape face like Aniston try the aforementioned hairstyles for a chic look.

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