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Precautions When You Are Using Straighteners And Curling Rods

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Hair Dressing Tools

Heat styling tools have completely changed the hair dressing game since their invention. You could play and experiment with hundreds of hairstyles in the blink of an eye. Yes, you heard that right! With the help of hair dressing tools you could get any celeb inspired hairstyle you want. Curling irons, flat irons, tongs, straighteners and blow dryers are all amazing hair styling tools and they can help you create a fabulous look for just about any occasion in a matter of minutes. But, like all good things, even hair heating tools have a flip side when used often. What we mean is even though these hair dressing tools can get you that ‘Oh! So perfect’ look you want, it can be at the expense of the health of your hair. If proper hairdressing guidelines are not followed, you may end up with side effects like hair brittleness, hair breakage, hair follicle damage, split ends and drying. If you love your hair, you need to learn how to use hair heating tools.

Ways To Use Hair Heating Tools

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But, don’t worry just yet. In this article, we are going to walk you through the precautions of using hairdressing tools so that you can style your hair without either going on a guilt trip or running to the hair care services salon every time you do so. But, first let’s get a few basic points straight.

The Actual Story Behind Using Hair Dressing Tools

Your hair contains keratin proteins and hydrogen bonds, so when you use hair heat tools such as curling irons, flat irons, straighteners, tongs or blow dryers, they essentially strip your hair of its natural oils by breaking down these hydrogen bonds. In fact, the breaking down of these hydrogen bonds is the exact reason why your heat styling tools are able to style your hair in the fashion that you want. These hair dressing tools essentially change your natural hair texture in pursuit of achieving straightness, curliness, smoothness or sleekness of your hair.

Hair Heating Tools

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Bubble Hair

Not quite funny like the name may suggest, bubble hair is actually a real serious thing. In the hair styling and hair care industry, the term for hair damage that is caused by the frequent overuse of hair heating tools is known as “bubble hair.” The idea behind this term comes from the fact that your natural hair has voids filled with air in each strand. With frequent use of heat styling tools, the hair forms these so called “bubbles” that contribute to an irregular texture of your hair. This makes the strands of your hair more prone to breakage and damage.

Precautions Of Using Hairdressing Tools

Hair Heating Tool

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1. Protect Your Hair Against The Excessive Heat

Every time you style your hair, you are exposing it to an immense amount of heat. It’s only fair for your hair that you get a good hair heat protector to prevent some of the collateral damage. Heat protectors for the hair act by coating your hair and sealing off the cuticles. Some of the ones you can use are:

Heat protection hair spray: This should help lessen the impact of the irons, the straighteners and curling tongs.

Heat protection hair serum: This on the other hand is more befitting for those of you who love blow drying. Hair serum keeps your hair from getting brittle, rough and dry.

How To Use Hair Heating Tools

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2. Styling Wet Hair Is A Complete No!

Even the smallest details can make a huge impact when using heat styling tools. Paying attention to some tiny details can take you a long way when it comes to preventing hair damage. Drying your hair well is a base rule when it comes to hair styling. Hair is known to be at its weakest when wet. Heat styling on wet hair will only make matters worse. It will make your hair prone to breakage and frizz. That’s not exactly a good idea, right? So, remember to at least pat dry your manes before styling.


Precautions Of Using Hairdressing Tools

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3. Use Good Quality Tools

It is your hair we are talking about here, so using just any hair styling tool you purchased from the market at a sale will not work. It’s best that you go for a reputed hair styling product for your hair. When you use a good product, it helps break down water molecules faster, thus reducing the time needed to keep your hair exposed to the heat of the dryer. Also, ceramic-plated hair irons are best as they distribute heat evenly, preventing any over exposure to heat. You could also opt for hair irons and tongs with temperature settings, which though a little costlier, are a good investment.

Hairdressing Tools

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Precautions Of Using Hairdressing Tool

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Using heat styling tools to get that favorite look shouldn’t always end in a bad way. Put these tips to good use and you wouldn’t have to worry about a thing.

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