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Prints and Body Type: A Fashionable Saga In The Making

by Fashionlady
Prints and Body Type A Fashionable Saga

Prints and Body Type A Fashionable Saga In The Making
Every BODY is a beautiful BODY! With that being said and when choosing the right prints and patterns to style up in, one needs to be careful so as to accentuate the body’s curves and contours the right way, not the opposite!

Prints For Different Body Types

Patterns and prints work very differently for each body, and when you understand your body type, you would then know what print or pattern to choose, what would look good on you and what would flatter the body type. The aim is to look hot and nice, not a snappy piece of ice! Let’s read about prints and body type.

Petite and classy

For the woman who is vertically challenged, this doesn’t mean she cannot endorse prints and patterns like her long-legged friends! The aim here is to befriend the prints and vertical striped would be best to wear. They help create an illusion of length, authority, power and strength. If you are one of those who do not like prints in vertical stripes, smaller patterns would be best to use. Do not forget to read fashion tips for petit women on our blog.

Prints for Short people

Source: gstatic.com

Long, lean and sexy

For the long-legged lass; lean and with a frame so tall and strong, there are plenty of prints and pattern options to play around with. Bold and large prints or patterns would pull off well on the long-legged beauties. To look less lanky than what you already are, do not indulge in monochromatic prints. With bold prints, the eyes would be taken to the torso and not the limbs!

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Bold Prints for Tall Body type

Source: bollywoodgaram.com

Florals for the pear shaped lass

If you have a heavy bottom, you have a pear shaped body. The aim here is to balance it all with the prints or patterns chosen. The eyes need to be given a distraction, so wear a print that makes the visual senses look upwards to the top. Floral tops would be an ideal way to flaunt your body, and you can play with colours as well.


Prints for Pear shaped body

Source: realwomenhavecurvesblog.com


Neutral top for the full bust woman

A fuller bust is a healthy body for sure, but over here we would aim at reversing the print or pattern choice as we did for the pear shaped lass. Choose a nice skirt with prints or dress pants with prints, which would help distract the heavy-top you’ve been blessed with. Bottom line, a neutral top with a heavy printed pattern for the bottom, would work best.

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Prints for big cheast

Source: gstatic.com

Diagonal all the way for the full-figured mommas

Patterns are for the full-figured beauties too, however, the right options for the same should be chosen. In doing so, the full-figured woman would have more definition and shape to her body- diagonals thus work wonders. With diagonals, the body beams of creativity, passion, energy and creates an illusion of slimness too. Large floral prints too would be flattering for the full-figured woman to wear! Plus size maxi dresses look beautiful.

Diagonal pints for plus size

Source: unique-vintage.com

We hope you’ve learnt a little more than the usual on prints and body type. With summers hitting hard, you cannot afford to hide your body. Go out there and shop for the best, we would like to see you burning the streets- in prints!

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