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Gypsy Fashion For Every Day Wear

by Fashionlady
Gypsy Fashion

Gypsy Fashion

Fed up of the sleek cuts, the corporate look and the missy-goody-two-shoes apparel you wear almost everyday, at work or at play? Think bohemian, wild-child, au natural and gypsy. Gypsy fashion for long has been chic and rustic, trendy and eye-catching, and women of all age groups across the world have worn a statement gypsy item at some point of their lives, if not now! From the Rajasthani Banjaras to the Romanis, within the clans, the natsiia groups and tsigne herds as well, gypsy fashion no longer is a secret motif to mark territories, rather it is now a fashion statement everyone should wear and flaunt! Psst! Singer Jennifer Lopez in one of her videos looked hot in the mohawkan gypsy look!

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Dressing up to meet MIL

A wild-child attitude and yet daring to meet MIL this evening, hats off to you! What about dressing in an all-white crop top with a long gypsy maxi gown? Perfect for the hot Indian climes and the trousseau bares nothing much, but sensuality to the core! MIL is happy and so are you!

Gypsy look

Source: pinterest.com

The rugged jungle queen

Dressing up for a spinsters party is always fun, a time when you get to be all creative and quirky. Talking about being quirky and nonchalant, wear a backless choli and a long gown with a statement gypsy headgear to complete the look. Makeup wise, the skin should have a two-toned dark tan, which brings on the boho-chick effect too!

Gypsy fashion trends

Source: pinterest.com

The ears hear the compliments

Chandelier moon earrings for the ears are a must-have to complete the gypsy jungle look. Rustic and pure, embossed with intricate designs, Goddess Luna herself would come down to kiss those lobes with love.

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Chandelier moon earrings

Source: pinterest.com

Putting your best foot forward

While dolling up in gypsy wear, you would have to wear the right accessories to make the statement of being a wild-child profound. The same cannot be attained with cleek-cut jewellery, which is why anklets and feet jewellery chosen, should be minimal and with a touch of tribal art!

Gypsy jewellery

Source: pinterest.com

Flaunting the sexy back

Black sheer and crocheted tops, backless of course and for party wear, why not? High ponytails embellished with tribal headgear to complete the look, and for the bottom, wear a sheer black long crocheted gown too.

Tribal headgear

Source: pinterest.com

Flaunting those curves at your BFF’s wedding

As a bridesmaid, you too can steal thunders when you learn how to flaunt the belly. Gypsy bell bottoms in white and made from satin and lace, not only flaunts the sexy waist but with a chunky white belt would accentuate the look as well.

Gypsy fashion for wedding

Source: pinterest.com


For the cocktail night

While others would wear the blacks, browns, red and greens, you should go to the event as a wild-card entrée invited! A long flowing maxi gown with gypsy and tribal prints, minimal makeup and tribal headgear, not only makes you stand out, but would make the host notice you more!

Gypsy look for women

Source: pinterest.com

Sexy gypsy rompers

Colourful and with tribal patch work, and all the way to your knees, the tunic top with gypsy motifs and designs, tassels and bear paw boots for a girls night out to stir the heat up, seems apt!

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Gypsy rompers

Source: pinterest.com

Coffee with the biker boys

Impress them by not emulating them, because we girls can doll up for a biking session too! Back off boys, we don’t necessarily need the black leather to look haute and chic, riding our own Harleys. Hot pants and a chic tribal art embossed crop top, with a gypsy overcoat and plenty of beads for the neck, makes us stand out from the crowd!

Gypsy Fashion style

Source: pinterest.com

Here were ten looks which we found at their best being displayed across the World Wide Web. Should you have your own style and statement to make, drop in a line!

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