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Rave-up Your Style: Fashion Bible On How To Wear Booties

by Fashionlady
Ways To Wear Booties

How to Wear Booties

Booties aka ankle boots are something every girl desires but not everyone can carry them, so the two groups come into being, the “I love booties” group and the “I hate booties” group. If you fall amongst the latter, it’s most likely that you have made a few mistakes in deciding how to wear your ankle booties. These might have made you come to the conclusion that you absolutely could do the “booties think”. But we are here to dispel those very rumors. We want you to know how perfect the booties can be with just about any outfit. So, we have compiled a comprehensive list of ways to wear booties to help them have better understanding on how to wear booties.

1. Don That Summer Dress In The Fall

If you have an outdoorsy plan for the weekend, you can team your airy summer dress pair of complimentary dark hued booties for a super sexy yet comfy look to get you through the day. With this outfit, you can stay warm without getting all worked up under the sun.

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Ways to wear booties with jeans

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2. Kimono Business

Don’t let that kimono rot in your wardrobe over the winters. Now, you can club that peppy kimono with a pair of denims and ankle booties to get that cool fashionista look. Add a nice long neck piece and a sleek hair up-do to complete the entire look.

wear booties with pants

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3. Miss Sexy Legs

If your height is nothing near runway models and you always wished for longer, sleeker legs, this look is perfect for you. Though, we can’t really get you longer legs, we can definitely help make them appear longer. Simply, get yourself a pair of dark hued booties, tuck your jeans into those and club this with a light coloured tee, layer with a jacket over it. Your legs will appear longer and sexier. This look is great for coffee/movie dates.

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wear booties with skirts

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4. Socks Layering

Now, up your style quotient by layering your socks/short stockings over your jeans. For this you just need to team a pair of denims with your favorite ankle booties, then just pull out your socks over your denims till a little above your ankle for an out of the box, chic look. You could add any types of accessories depending on the t-shirt, top or shirt you are wearing with this.


wear booties with leggings

Source: collegefashion.net

5. The Leather Jacket Look

Get a touch of suave into your look, by teaming a leather jacket with your booties. You could wear an all simple white t-shirt and layer it with a sexy black leather jacket and make it look all peppy by wearing a perky skirt underneath. Just don’t forget to accessorize the look. This is undoubtedly one the best ways to wear your booties with a skirt.

Best ways to wear booties

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6. Cuff It

When you wear jeans with booties, an exposed ankle is the key to keeping your ankles looking as slim as you can. One of the ways to create this chic gap between the jeans and boots is to don a cuffed hem on your jeans. A long skinny ankle length jeans is great for this look. Just don’t forget to accessorize with a nice complimentary side bag to complete the look.

Best ways to ways to wear booties

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7. Hot Shorts

Summers can get you all worked up and all you want are some comfortable yet stylish clothes. Wear booties with pants to walk through summers in style. Pair those cute sexy denim shorts with a pair of brown booties to get a great summer look. Throw in a crop top or layer it with jacket – you cannot not get noticed.

Best ways to wear booties with jeans

Source: gorgeautiful.com

Now, that you know how to wear booties, go get your friends jealous. Boots are comfortable to don and high on style, just don’t team them wrong.

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