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The Devil Really Wore Prada – Evolution Of Meryl Streep Fashion Over The Years

by Fashionlady
Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep Fashion

Kooky, endearing, bold, subdued at times and with plenty of class that speaks high of her own individualistic taste and style, Meryl Streep is the queen of everyone’s heart when it comes to fashion, élan and style. Keeping in mind the sense of Meryl Streep fashion, we would like to talk more about her style that women in the fifties and above can gracefully wear and emulate too.

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Here are 20 such Meryl Streep fashion moments that we would love to go gaga over and about, in more ways than one. Take a look and let us know how you like the post on Meryl Streep fashion.
One of Hollywood’s famous and most celebrated leading lady, Meryl Streep can give the likes of new-age Hollywood girls a run for their money; acting and looks wise. We would like to show you not only her sense of style, fashion and clothing, but also some of her makeup and hairdos too. The only lady we think that comes closest to the smile of the famed MONALISA, Meryl and her simple hairdos kept everyone hooked for long.

meryl streep clothing style

52nd Academy Awards

Meryl didn’t wear an elaborate hairdo at the 52nd Academy Awards, when she accepted her first award. Her flowing blonde hair was neat and in place with soft curls teasing the face and the cheekbones now and then. Here’s a glimpse.

Meryl Streep 52nd Academy Awards

Young Meryl Streep

A young Meryl Streep back in the hay days went out to prove that she didn’t need to wear too much makeup or get her hair in a bunch to make a fashion statement; she loved it fashionable with au natural touches. A lesson we can take from her!

Meryl Streep Fashion

Meryl Streep With Long Hair

Breathtakingly gorgeous, Meryl as a young lady was a diva always; known for her hair long and loose with minimal makeup and a gorgeous skin texture, the diva was always ready for the camera that made love to her looks!

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Meryl Streep Long Hair

Meryl Streep With Short Hair

Meryl didn’t wear her hair long always. There was a time when she cropped it short and sported the 80s and the 90s look with aplomb.

Meryl Streep Short Hairstyle

The French Lieutenant’s Woman

The French Lieutenant’s Woman’ (1981) portrayed Meryl in a daring and a very adventurous role that kept the audience hooked to their seats. Once again, she was onscreen as a lady that had to manage every aspect of life, and this time her look was flawlessly beautiful with curls and a mid partition of the hair.


Meryl Streep Hairstyles

Death Becomes Her

While she made us go bonkers and laugh till we rolled around in ‘Death Becomes Her’, Meryl’s LADY RABBIT hairdo was a rage that was adorned and worn plenty of times by women of all age groups.
Celebrity Hair

Thick belts for the waist with a long dangling chain and black heels for the corporate look, wearing a black skirt that has a V neckline!

Meryl Streep Style

A metallic chunky cropped summer coat with a black dress and hot peach lips for sure; complete the look with chunky dangling neckpieces for an elegant touch to come through.

Meryl Streep Style Moments
Chunky beaded neckpieces, an off-white coat and black trousers or dress pants for Friday dressing makes a powerful mature female boss fashion statement.

Meryl Streeps Fashion

Meryl Streep at the screening of “The Devil wears Prada” in Deauville, France, showed us how to wear the office wear, soft and cozy, yet looking every bit super classy and on the lines of a staunch fashion editor.
Meryl Streep Fashion Style

Finally, you could wear bold colors, stripes and patterns with quirky neckpieces to make a bold fashion statement at the weekend gatherings; age is just a number, isn’t it shown well enough by our diva Meryl Streep?
Meryl Streep hairstyle

The next time we think about Celebrity hair and Celebrity fashion, we would like to focus more on gorgeous ladies such as Meryl to prove a point, what say?

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