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Saffron Oil For Skin – For That Ethereal Glow

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Saffron Oil For Skin

Beauty Benefits of Saffron

Recently, there has been a lot of research going into Saffron. Saffron has been proven to be one of the key ingredients which promote healthy and fair skin. There are tons of beauty benefits of saffron and you will read hundreds of articles too on this. The benefits of saffron will astonish you.

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best saffron in India

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Best Saffron In India

Did you know that the best saffron in India is produced only in Kashmir and that it is one of the most expensive natural beauty products? And though the benefits of saffron are many, people often shy away from using it in their daily regime because it is so expensive! But the best thing is, we also have an alternative! Yes, did you know that Saffron Oil for Skin has the same benefits as saffron strands? Good thing someone came up with saffron oil and even though this one is a little expensive, using just a few drops can actually make your skin glow! Let’s check out some of the cool benefits of saffron oil for skin, health and mind!

Saffron Oil Can Cure Acne:

One of the most frustrating problems that a woman or a man can face is the problem of acne. Adult acne is especially more troubling because it leaves behind terrible marks blemishes and can actually cause depression. Saffron oil has anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties which helps combat acne and prevent it from occurring again and again.

A pinch of saffron with basil leaves can make an excellent face pack which helps to fight acne. Apply the pack not to your entire face, but instead only to the affected area and leave overnight. Wash off gently in the morning and with regular application you will see that acne has actually disappeared!

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Best Beauty Benefits of Saffron

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Saffron Oil Can Improve Your Complexion:

Saffron oil is immensely helpful in imparting a glow to your skin. Regular application of this oil will not only clear your skin but also improve the complexion. Saffron is known to lighten the skin tone and using it in the oil form will give the same benefits too.


Saffron oil helps to improve the quality of your skin by removing all the dirt and impurities that are sticking to your skin even after you have washed it. To use saffron oil, mix it with milk and massage the mixture gently onto your skin. You can also use some olive oil or almond oil or coconut oil in this mixture and then massage it onto your skin. Using this mixture and massaging it on your face will help to give you lighter and a more supple skin.

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Saffron Oil Can Remove Tan:

A common problem during the hot summer months is the incessant amount of tan we all get! Slathering on too much sunscreen or wearing hats and sunglasses also sometimes cannot prevent us from getting tanned. This is where saffron oil comes to our rescue. Sun tan takes really long to go away, but with a few drops of saffron oil onto milk, you can help heal your sunburnt and tanned skin in just a week! Use the same mixture as above, but this time, let your face soak it for longer than half an hour. Keep it overnight and wash it off in the morning. You can actually see the difference!

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Benefits of Saffron

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So you see, Saffron Oil can really make a difference to your skin!

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