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Say Goodbye To Ashy Skin With These Tips

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As winter approaches, you end up applying coats of cold cream to keep your skin moist and hydrated. But, what if you’re suffering from a condition that generally causes your skin to be dry and ashy, no matter what the season. Is that a yes? Well, you my friend, are suffering with the condition of ashy skin!

It is the one skin problem that recurs a lot mainly in dark skinned women. Ashy skin is a skin condition where your skin just feels overly dry, thus giving it a flaky or white appearance. Unsure if you have this? Just run your fingernails against your hand and if you see a whitish scratch, you’ll know you have flaky skin.

Ashy Skin

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Try These Ashy Skin Treatments

Although, it’s not a very serious issue, but it makes you really reluctant and hesitant sometimes to wear all your favorite clothes. So if you’re a damsel in distress, we’re here to help! We’ve listed some ideas on how to get rid of it. Here goes…


1. Purchase Alcohol-Free Products

Completely avoid buying any products which have alcohol in them. Alcohol causes skin to dry out very easily, and will only worsen the condition of your already flaky skin. Another factor to avoid are harsh scrubs and highly scented products.

Olay Complete To Ashy Skin

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2. Change Products Once In A While

Sometimes, a product that used to suit your skin also stops having an effect after a while. So if you realize your skin is becoming drier, try switching to another product to check if the condition is healed. However, make sure to always read the ingredients before you select out something new – you don’t want to end up having a reaction.

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3. Specifically Dry Skin Formulated

Apply products that hae been made especially for curing dry skin such as the ones that state they are creams for moisturizing skin. Moisturizing creams containing natural oils and butters are fabulous for getting intense moisture.

4. Avoid Hot Water Showers

Using hot water while bathing will only dry out your skin more, especially if you’re the kind of girl who has long soothing baths. During the winters, shift to using warm water in lieu of hot, and avert from soaking in the tub for a long duration. We know, it’s difficult to opt for warm water in the winters, but it is especially essential as the air is already super dry.

Water shower head To Ashy Skin

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5. Exfoliate Skin On A Weekly Basis

Even if you don’t have dry itchy skin, you should exfoliate your skin on a weekly basis. For ladies with ashy skin, the ashy-ness is mainly due to the accumulation of dead skin cells. This can be eradicated by using a mild scrub once a week while bathing.

Exfoliate Skin On A Weekly Basis

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6. Avoid Itching

Dry skin can become prickly, but itching it will only make your skin ashier. We know, it’s far more difficult than it sounds! But hear us out, why not instead of scratching, carry around a moisturizer? For example a small box of Vaseline Jelly. So whenever you have the urge to itch, you can rub it on to sooth your skin.

Avoid Itching

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9.  Consume Suitable Quantity Of Water

This is literally the solution to all skin, hair and body problems, so it has to be emphasized again and again. Drinking the right amount of water will make sure that your skin is well hydrated and chubby. It is the foolproof ashy skin treatment! Drink, drink and drink!

So try out these easy tips and suggestions for your dry skin treatment. You’ll see the difference within weeks!

Here are a few of the best moisturizers for dry skin:

  • Nivea Soft Moisturizing Cream
  • The Body Shop Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream
  • Lacto Calamine for Dry Skin

Remember to put on these moisturizers directly after your shower to lock in the moisture, and also before bed.

Feel beautiful again, by eradicating ashy skin woes.

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