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Selena Gomez Makeup Tutorial

by Fashionlady
Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez Makeup Tutorial

Selena Gomez is gorgeous and whenever we see her in her new video or on the red carpet, we find it hard to believe that she actually has makeup on! Selena Gomez makeup is popular because the former Disney star has actually mastered the art of no makeup! If you want to know how to be like Selena Gomez-at least in her makeup, then you have come to the right article. Here we will talk all about Selena Gomez makeup tutorial and how to achieve that sun-kissed and all-natural look. We will also give you the deets on what makeup does Selena Gomez use. And you will actually be surprised when you hear this list-Yes, Selena is just like us when it comes to makeup!

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Selena Gomez Makeup Tutorial

Like we said before, Selena likes to keep her makeup muted and the Latina is an expert in the all-natural look. Except for a few videos where she decided to go for red lips, you will mostly see the Latina beauty in minimal makeup (Well, that’s what it looks like!)

Selena Gomez Makeup

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How To Master The All-Natural Look

Here are the products you will need for this look. Selena sports this look mostly on red carpet events and even in her concerts. A gentle word of caution-Though we call this the all-natural look, it does involve the use of many products. The only difference from a made up look is the fact that the makeup is kept minimal and muted.

  • A light BB Cream or if you like a slightly heavy coverage, go for a foundation
  • Concealer
  • Eye shadow colours- Black and Grey for a smokey eye
  • Mascara
  • Lip colours- Pink lip gloss
  • Rouge- Pinkish tinge (Optional)
Selena Gomez makeup Products

Source: favglossy.com

Steps: Lightly dab foundation or BB cream on your skin. Now use concealer beneath your eyes. Dab with a makeup sponge and blend in. Take an eye shadow brush and draw a smudged line on your lower and upper lashline. Take the same colour and create a subtle smokey eye by incorporating the grey eye shadow too. Finish off your eye makeup with mascara for a more defined look. Now take a bubblegum pink lip gloss and use it generously. You can also use some pink blush on your cheeks. Tada! Your Selena Gomez Makeup Tutorial for an all-natural look is complete!


What Makeup Does Selena Gomez Use

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How To Master Selena’s Met Gala Look

If we look at Selena Gomez makeup Tutorial, the one that strikes us most and is literally a piece of art is her look at the MET Gala. Though it looks like she just has a hint of shimmer, this look actually involves 20 makeup products! Now who says creating a piece of art is easy?

How To Be Like Selena Gomez

Source: bustle.com

Here is what you need and the steps to achieve her look:

Moisturizer: Before you slather your face with foundation, make sure you moisturize your face well. Use Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate to impart that glow and radiance on your face.

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Foundation: If you are not keen on using too much makeup on your face, you can use a light concealer and foundation to cover your face and set it with a compact

Eyes: Defined eyebrows are the best thing your face can have. Use it to draw and set the hairs of your brow. Create a soft and smoky eye with black, so use a kohl liner to draw your eyes. Use mascara to further define your eye. Since Selena’s look did not feature much eye shadow, use some MAC Glitter Reflects Gold across your lid and the lower lash line.

Cheeks: Very little blush and no contouring at all! Just dab some light bronzer for an almost natural look

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