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Bridal Beauty Regime: Adding Sesame Oil for Skin for The Brides-To-Be

by Fashionlady
Sesame Oil for Skin

Sesame Oil for Skin
Good to cook with and now with plenty of benefits for your bridal look, sesame oil, since time immemorial has been the manna to gorgeous makeup and bridal look routines. Mostly because the benefits of sesame oil include properties like

  1. Antibacterial
  2. Antiviral
  3. Anti-inflammatory and more.

Basically, sesame oil originated from the Sesame plant, which is grown in the wild fields of Africa and some parts of India too.

Here are a few reasons why brides-to-be should think of indulging in the use of sesame oil for skin and hair; looking beautiful does come naturally but only when you put in that little effort. Who knows, you may just not need a bridal makeup artist on your wedding day, because the glow and bounce brought forth by the magical oil would do justice!

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1. It can work as a great exfoliation pack: Facials before a wedding are very common. For this you need to wash your face well and get a little sesame oil on a cotton dab to apply. Rub the cotton ball immersed into the oil in circular motions around the face. If need be, make an exfoliation pack with gram flour.

Sesame Oil for Bridal Beauty

Source: thefitindian.com

2. Nature’s best moisturiser: Apply generously a good amount of the oil on your skin before a bath. The oil soluble toxins would be pulled out from every cell on your skin, when you use a mild soap to wash the body.

Sesame Oil for Beauty

Source: idiva.com

3. Cracked heels and dry hands treatment: While putting your best foot forward at the mandap, you need to get your pedicure done. But what if we gave you a week and asked you to rub your feet with sesame oil? A week later, you would have no visible cracks to deal with, and your feet turn soft and supple.

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Sesame Oil

Source: exoticindias.com

4. Packed with benefits of Vitamin E, sesame oil also has many anti-ageing properties: No wonder this magical oil is used in many store-bought and commercially packed anti-ageing creams. Presence of Vitamin E in the oil helps to fight free radicals of the skin, one of the major causes of premature ageing of skin. Hope you understand all the real and great benefits of sesame oil.


Sesame Oil and Carrot

Source: stylepresso.com

5. Perking up skin’s elasticity and texture: Not only this, benefits of sesame oil on skin is also known to improve skin’s elasticity and texture because of its thickening properties. Widely used in India, this beauty oil has achieved its fame for providing a deep down moisturising effect to the skin, hence improving its elasticity and overall appearance.

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Benefits of Sesame Oil

Source: eeveelife.co.uk

6. Hair care with sesame oil can do wonders to your gorgeous hair: Which bride wouldn’t want to look her flawless best at her wedding? Thanks to the sesame oil’s wonders, your hair would be conditioned with just a drop applied all over your hair. Sesame oil is known to condition dry hair by giving them the much needed moisture and strength. Full of vitamins and minerals, and not to forget anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, sesame oil moistens dry and flaky scalp, giving you luscious, long locks every after every single wash.

8. It has a natural UV protector: Not only this, sesame oil is loaded with natural UV protector qualities. This means that daily usage of sesame oil can help in radically reducing sun exposure, hence, reversing the sigs of ageing. Not only this, sesame oil also acts as a natural barrier protecting against smog, dust particles, smoke and other such environment pollutants in the air.

Sesame Oil for Skin Benifits

Source: ikinja-img.com

Finally, get rid of over the counter sun blocks and UV protectors for the skin, because some of them have harsh chemicals you wouldn’t know of. The harsh chemicals can darken the skin and make wrinkles or freckles and fine lines appear. Sesame oil has natural god-bestowed properties, making you look like a diva on the roads while the world out there runs for cover.

Hope this article on benefits of sesame oil on skin is helpful. Tell us what you think about this miracle oil in comments.

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