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21 Short Hair Outfits That Are Sure To Work On All

by Fashionlady
Short Hair styles

They say hair dictates the clothes! Short hair looks chic and super stylish indeed! And if you have you decided to chop off your locks into a short pixie, crop, cute bob or shoulder length this season, and are confused about the attires or your dressing choices to match your new hairstyle? Read on!

Short Hair Outfits for womens

Even at shorter lengths, you can still play it up! Short hairstyles are easy to maintain, needs less efforts and complements many face types. But to match attires with the short hair-do can sometimes get tricky.

Though short hair does not limit you, however women should keep in mind certain points, they cannot simply wear their boyfriend’s tees or mom’s dresses, unless it suits them perfectly fine or the appropriate occasion.

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Girls, don’t let the length of your hair, deter you from looking adorable in your outfits. Here are some simple ideas that would match your short hair outfits.

Outfit Ideas For Teens With Short Hair

1. Top of The Crop

To begin with, if your short bob hair-do gives out a tomboyish look opt for feminine or girly attires. Off shoulder or peasant tops, peplum or ruffled tops, peter pan collars, asymmetricals, scallops, crop tops, one shoulder tops and singlet’s give out an edgy look. High or polo neck tops are also best suited on short hairstyles.

Short Hair Outfits

2. Shorty Short

With the hair so short, divert the attention to the long sassy legs with a mini skirt style. Go easy with footwear and keep it casual to nail the look.

Outfits for Short Hair

3. Casual and Fashionable

A pair of jeans, ankle length boots and funky jewelry will never fail you.

Short Hair Outfits

4. Dressy

Turn your style sexy and sinful in a cute, short dress and let your boy flood you with sweet talk and loads of compliments.

casual outfits for short hair

Accessories For Teens With Short Hair

1. Teenage, the young, blooming age will never come back. Flaunt all the style while you still can with funky accessories, quirky bags and shades. Balance the equation perfectly with the outfit.

Accessories For Teens With Short Hair

2. An LBD with right pair of accessories can be opted for when you have short hair.


1. Crop top

Flaunt those toned abs this season with a crop top and a high waisted anti-fit pants.

What To Wear With Short Hair

2. Rompers

Denim rompers over a crop top is the perfect pick for college. Flaunt those sassy legs, the toned abs and the youthful spring in this style.


Accessories For Collage Girls With Short Hair

1.The short hair might give you a tom-boyish look but adding a few sparkling or trendy accessories can give your look a feminine edge.


Accessories For Collage Girls With Short Hair

Outfit Ideas For Working Women

It is not so easy to pick a style if you have short hair. Outfits for short hair especially working women need to be chosen carefully. It is a challenge and here we are offering our ideas-

1. Classy and Bossy

Rule your world of work with a blazer style that keeps the ankle length pants trend in swing.

Outfit Ideas For Working Women

2. Dressy and Chic

Who said the work wear has to be boring? No, it needn’t! Take a body-con outfit in a unique fabric or print and make this look ace the list of dresses that suit short hair.

Dresses for Short Hair

3. Florals

A bit of florals with a solid top style is the perfect choice to transform smoothly from work theme to party style.

Florals outfit ideas

4. Casual And Off Duty

A style that holds comfortable looking sweater along with pair of distressed jeans and accessories in tan are worth every penny.

Casual outfits

5. Cover Ups

Embrace fitted layering or smart kimono looks instead of the loose styles. Own a few shrugs, short coats, snug jackets and light vests or gillets to go with your casual look! Embellished, embroidered or blingy attires also look good on short hairstyles.

How a Haircut Changes Your Clothes

Accessories For Short Haired Working Women

1. Add a pop of color to a monochrome style and make it a statement style.

Accessories For Short Haired Working Women

2. A beach themed set of accessories and a collection of bling bracelets will beautify the style game, don’t you agree?

Short Haired Working Women

3. An easy breezy style of outfit with antique looking jewelry can set you style on fire.

womens outfits styles

4. Shoe Show

Stilettos, high boots, pumps, flip flops or ballerinas are good options to complete the look from head to toe.

Short Hair styles

Outfit Ideas For Homemakers

We expect homemakers to look simple and warming even with their attire. Here are a few outfit suggestions for homemakers to look stunning yet welcoming.

1. Beautiful Bottoms

Mini-skirts or dresses are also apt for short bobs. Shirt-dress, tunic dress, maxi dress, knee length sheath dress, all work in favour of short hairdos. Even cute rompers, jumpsuits in varied lengths look ideal for short hairstyles. Sheer high-low skirts or floor length skirts and dresses give a pleasant look.

outfits that go with short hair

2. Pants For all

Fitted pants, jeans, leggings, jeggings, stockings are all for you. Get yourself the half pants, Bermuda shorts or culottes; they make you look young and chic with the short bobs.

Short Hair Dressing Style Ideas

Celebrity Outfit Ideas For Short Hair

If you are hesitant on taking up our suggestions, look at the celebrities who showcased similar fashion and get inspired.

Celebrity Outfit Ideas For Short Hair

What Not To Wear

  • Avoid baggy or loose or ripped jeans which will make you look like a boy
  • Avoid structured or thick dresses or boxier styles as they make you look too athletic and heavy
  • Steer clear of chunky cuffs or ear pieces, big earrings or big necklaces create an imbalance
  • Stay away from funky or boho clothes as they add a masculine touch
  • Avoid the divided pants, palazzo pants or flared pants
  • Avoid wedge heels, oxfords or heavy shoes lest you look non-feminine
  • If at all you want to wear head bands, clips or hats, use them sparingly, as they do not make for good cover-ups for a close crop all the time

And just like that you can transform yourself into a shorthair diva, because short hair & trendy wear has our seal of approval!

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