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Indian Jewelry: What Makes It Important For Indian Women? Read On.

by Fashionlady
Significance Of Indian Jewelry

What makes a woman look good and striking? Is it just her foundation and makeup? Her hairdo and heels? Her height and looks? Her sari, lehenga or LBD? No, it’s also the Indian jewelry.

Significance Of Indian Jewelry

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An Indian woman decorating herself with any type of jewelry is not just customary; it is her right. The Indian jewelry significance highlights the values and traditions of our culture through the jewelry pieces.

Why Indian Jewelry

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Significance of Indian Jewelry:

Let us know more about the wide variety of jewelry treasured by Indian women across generations.

1. Tika: The Jeweled Hair Parting:

This jewelry item also called Maatha Patti has a chain with a pendant in the front and a hook at the other end. Where is this item of jewelry “tika” worn? In the middle hair parting. The hook of the tika holds it at the hair end, while the pendant embellishes the center of the woman’s forehead.

Do you know the cultural importance of a woman’s forehead? The center part is believed to be the place of “chakra” which in a way refers to preservation. The chakra symbolises the final union where there is no division. From the scientific perspective, this union is the meeting of the male and female elements in nature both at a physical and mental level.

Importance Of Jewelry

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2. Nose Ring: Bling It On:

The importance of jewelry travels all the way up to the nose, in the form of nose ring. Known as ‘nath’, a nose ring is a jewel piece worn by married women. Nowadays, even unmarried girls, actresses and Page 3 celebs are happily showing it off. How can one forget the brides? A nose ring is an integral part of traditional bridal jewelry.

Scientifically, it is believed that women who have pierced nose feel less pain during child birth. In the traditional Ayurveda, the spot on the nose where it is worn is seen as a valuable link to the health of the female reproductive organs.

There is one more theory attached to wearing a nose ring- that it is connected to a woman’s romantic, emotional and sexual intentions. BTW, it also prevents a woman from getting hypnotized since the ‘nath’ or nose ring has the power to control the wavelength of the brain.

Nose Ring

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3. Earrings: A Woman’s Favourite:

Yet another fascinating jewelry worn by married women and unmarried girls is earrings. It is an important part of a lady’s fashion and grooming. Without it, the ear fails to add to the overall beauty of a female.

There is no dearth of designs, shapes, weight, sizes and colours in earrings. If there is a red ruby, there is a green coloured emerald earring to go with your Indian or Western dress. Wear it in the form of traditional ear studs or novel designs and shapes.

According to legendary hearsay, evil spirits can enter the body through any of its openings. By wearing ornaments in the ear, one gets a state of well-being. The latest theory is that ear has an important nerve that connects brain, kidney and cervix. When you apply the right amount of pressure on the right ear which is connected to the kidney nerve, you benefit from the good health of the kidney and the bladder.

Why Women Wear Jewelry

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4. Necklace: Graceful Thy Neck:

It is worn near the heart, so a necklace is believed to control the emotions and strengthen one’s feelings and love. A necklace captures the importance of jewelry in a befitting way. In fact, when you wear a necklace of stones, it is believed to bind us with the eternal powers.

Go back to the ancient times, and you will find many women dressed in necklaces, bead of strings, pendants and elaborate ornamental collars to usher good luck and ward off the evil spirits. A necklace is also believed to protect against hypnotising forces.


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6. Toe Rings: Dainty And Pleasant-Looking:

The question Why Indian jewelry is best answered by toe rings. Wearing of toe rings is a common practice in India as it is believed to signify a woman’s marital status since the Ramayana times. It is a ring made of metals and non-metals.

Toe Rings

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Commonly worn on the second toe of either foot, a toe ring can be a simple wire to ornate design. It has Ayurveda-linked benefits such as regulating menstrual cycle and increasing the chances of conception. Unmarried Hindu girls wear toe rings on the third toe, to ease menstrual pain.


Toe rings are not just for the ladies. In fact, Tamil men wear toe rings or ‘Metti’ (a ring made of silver with no patterns) because in ancient times men used to walk around barefoot.

7. Finger Ring: The Band Of Faith:

The fourth finger of the hand, the finger ring, has a lot to tell – love, romance, trust. The nerve passing through the fourth finger connects it to the nerve cells in the brain. Good health and confidence are the promising benefits of the finger ring.

Finger Ring

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Finger rings in the form of wedding rings come in various metals and stones. Prince Harry presented a gold Cleave & Co. engagement ring to his lady of dreams Meghan Markle, now his wife as Duchess of Sussex.

Meghan Markle Ring

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8. Mangalsutra: The Start Of A Happy Married Life:

Indian jewelry significance comes out best through a mangalsutra. This black and gold thread is tied by the husband around the neck of his wife during the wedding. It symbolizes love and commitment between the married couple.

Health-wise, a mangalsutra is believed to control blood pressure levels and enables smooth blood circulation. Though black coloured stones are predominant in nature, a Mangalsutra also comes in stones of other colours.

Hey, which Bollywood actress you recall looked smashing hot in a mangalsutra – on-screen and off-screen? Tell us in the comments below.


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9. Belly Belt: Waist Up The Glam Quotient:

Popularly known as hip belt, the belly belt is a jewelry form worn by ladies. But for which occasion? Mostly during festive occasions, weddings and hi-profile parties.

Scientifically, hip belts prevent fat saturation in the waist area and help in maintaining a woman’s figure.

Gold Waist Belt

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Now you know why women wear jewelry, or rather love to wear jewelry. Do write in and tell us which pieces of Indian jewelry shown above you loved the most. Also, which piece of jewelry that you wore in the recent past got you compliments. We would love to hear from you!

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