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Home Remedies for Birth Control – Keep Unwanted Pregnancies At Bay

by Fashionlady
Simple Home Remedies for Birth Control. Keep Unwanted Pregnancies At Bay

If you are a sexually active women, you must be always somehow concerned about that one peculiar question in life: “Do I really want to become pregnant now?”.

Simple Home Remedies for Birth Control. Keep Unwanted Pregnancies At Bay

If your answer is no, then you got to be careful with your birth control pills. But hey, aren’t they really polluted with reported birth control side effects and your mother always advises against so? Worry no more, because there are many home remedies for birth control, which once adopted would prove to be a classic treatment. Still thinking whether to read ahead or not? These tricks have 0% side effects and will definitely help you achieve your goals. They are:

1. Vitamin C to your rescue

It is no secret that there are various health and beauty benefits of vitamin C. But not many know that the vitamin can prove to be the best birth control method too. Consume the purest form of Vitamin C, and not the adulterated one. Take around 1500 mg of vitamin capsules for atleast twice in a day after two to three days of intercourse.

If you have somehow skipped taking it after two days of intercourse, then take a 3,000 mg dose of vitamin capsule after five days of intercourse. They have no side effects and infact are good for your skin health and joint pain. Also, make it a point to not adopt these remedies when you are already pregnant as it might cause miscarriage.

Vitamin C to your rescue


2. The classic, withdrawal method

In such a method, the man should withdraw his penis from the woman’s vagina right before he starts to ejaculate. Also know as interrupts, this method makes sure that the sperm is not entering the vagina. For this method, the man should have a precision sense of timing making sure that this method is 100% sperm-free.

The classic, withdrawal method


3. Douching and urination

Vaginal douching is another method where the liquid solution is applied on the woman’s vagina to wash the mucous and other sort of bodily debris out. A method well-adopted by many women, this can be made as a part of women’s vaginal hygiene too.

Douching and urination


4. The ever-so love, calendar method

For adopting such a method, women need to keep a record of their menstrual cycle. They need to track the length of every menstrual. Just count the days from the first day. Eight to twelve cycles is a must to keep a track. This procedure will help you understand the days when it is safe to have sex without using any protection and using protection on the days you are most likely to get pregnant.

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The ever-so love, calendar method


5. Chomp on Anzeer, the dried fruit

Having anzeer soon after the intercourse is one of the best birth control methods. Having two to three pieces of anzeer also helps in proper circulation of blood. It also helps in combating many other problems in the body, however, make sure you are not eating too much of it, as it can lead to irregularities in your stomach.

Chomp on Anzeer, the dried fruit


6. Papaya as the biggest enemy of pregnancy

Soon after having an unsafe intercourse, do have papaya. Having it two to three times in a day keeps the unwanted pregnancies and further on abortion at bay. Extremely good for skin and perks up digestion, this wonder fruit is packed with nutritional goodness too.

Papaya as the biggest enemy of pregnancy


Apart from all the above mentioned options, do make it a point to drink plenty of water on daily basis. Yes, you may have heard about several myths and facts about drinking water, but this is undoubtedly one of the proven and oldest remedy to prevent unwanted pregnancies, it is naturally good and is loaded with goodness of mother earth.

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