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Some Smart Tricks to Save Money on Makeup

by Fashionlady

How to Save Money on Makeup
Sometimes splurging on makeup can be pricey. And staying beautiful sees no compromise. This can be overwhelming for the beauty conscious fashionista out there. I have come up with 8 fabulous budget tips to help you utilize your makeup smartly. Try out these top tips and believe me you’ll save a lot you’ve been spending all these years on your beauty regime.

You should never compromise with quality when it comes to your beauty and skin care. And good quality comes with top and reliable brands, which you cannot let go. So here are some tricks! Do have a read!

Let your makeup work overtime

Before scoring on any latest makeup item, say lipstick check-out your stock first. We easily get tempted to the ads shown on the glossy magazines and websites and get provoked to loose our wallet on beauty products even though we have the same shade or number.

And if you are thinking of trying out some new colors then better rewind your school days, how you used to play with colors? You can apply the same trick here as well. Let’s say if you wish for a rose shade then how about mixing pink with brown?

FYI: Here I’m talking about eye shadows

tips to save money on makeup

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You can plays with colors of eye shadows to give a new look to yourself. So before spending your hard earned money only for the sake of a different color, try out these old school tricks.

And for lipstick, it’s very risky to mix and apply two different colors as the dark shade will always overlap the lighter one. For this, you can dab some pressed powder before proceeding for the second coat. This will surely give your pouts an instant matte effect. All you need is to practice to invent your favorite color.

Always remember makeup is multipurpose

Do not keep yourself in a notion that your eye shadow is only for eyes and lipsticks are only for your pouts! You can avoid spending extra bucks on blush by using eye shadows on your cheeks as well and the same applies with your lip liner as well. If you are bored of the traditional black, you can then apply your lip liner on your lids for a dramatic change. You can also use your lipstick as eye shadow instead of buying a red color for your eyes.

Money Saving Tips

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Foundation for nude lips – Sometimes you may feel the need of going for nude lips to match your outfit and if you do not have a natural lip color in your kit then do not run out to grab one from the market. Instead a simple trick can compensate your requirement. For this, you can dab a little foundation on your lips and let it dry. Apply lip gloss now to have shining nude lips. You can even apply some bronzer if you feel that’s too mundane.

Lip gloss for your cheeks – Just like eye shadow, you can also use lip gloss on your cheeks as well, especially when you want to highlight your cheekbones. A little gloss can make your cheeks glow, flaunting your best assets on face.

Lip balm as highlighter – And if your lip balm is a colored one then you can use it for varied purposes just like you can apply it under your brow bone to highlight the area. However make sure you do not apply a thick coat as it’s sticky leaving you pulling out your hair from the face all day long.

Eye shadow palette as concealer – You can use your eye shadow palette under your eyes, thereby saving money on concealers.

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Mascara for eyebrows – You can use mascara not only to enhance your lashes, but define your eye brows as well. And if your mascara is of chocolate shade then it’s better as black color may look harsh on your brows.

Apart from these multi-tasking makeup items, you can look around your house to make use of your stocks in different useful ways for your beauty routine. Continue reading!

Money Saving Beauty Tips

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Blotting paper to remove oiliness – If your skin is prone to oil and you end up with oily face at midday then carry some blotting paper in your bag next time. You can gently place it on your face with slight pressing. This will keep you from reapplying makeup.

Petroleum jelly as makeup remover – Apart from healing your dry skin and chapped lips, you can also use them to remove make up as well. Hence, you can now cut off the makeup remover.

And if you have virgin olive oil, it’s better as it can use it for almost everything, from getting shiny hair to soft and glowing skin and also use it as makeup remover.

Honey for breakouts – Honey is a great home remedy for breakouts and acne. After you wash your face apply some honey on your face. Wait for 15 minutes and then rinse off.

How to save yourself from a cheap poor quality deal

It can be difficult for you to decide which deal is good and which one is bad for your skin. Products available at reasonable price may be of poor quality at times, which may badly affect your skin.

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Check the quality. Before you get carried away by the deal and grab some cheap items, you should check out for the quality of the item. For this, you can apply some amount on your hand and if it looks too sheer then it’s of low quality as cheap items usually come with a lot of filler which can adversely affect your skin.

With thin pigmentation, you’ll have the need to apply multiple coats, making you run over the item quickly thereby seeking for shopping. It’s better to invest once on a good product that lasts longer and is good for your skin.

Know the quality of your makeup goodies. Like a good quality foundation will easily disappear into your skin and a branded liner won’t easily get smudged. Your products should not be too dry or oily and if so, it’s time you changed it.

Do not ignore makeup brushes. You’ll have to invest once on a top quality brush and all you need is to take care of it by washing it with shampoo every week.

Hope you found this post useful! If you’ve some smart tricks to save money on makeup do share with us as well!

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