Stunning Vintage Hairstyles For Weddings In Summer


Vintage Hairstyles For Weddings

Indian brides are an epitome of feminine ways, and especially on their wedding days they look like princesses waiting for the prince to swoon them away.

Vintage Wedding Hairstyles

While most brides hire the best makeup artists and hairstylist for their wedding, some make the mistake of not choosing vintage hairstyles for weddings in accord to their face shape which drains the whole look.

Vintage Hairstyles

Choose your vintage hairstyles for weddings according to your face shape!

When you have the right knowledge about the face shape you are bestowed with, choosing vintage hairstyles for weddings comes easy and brings about a clean look.

Vintage Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair

The proportions of your head and the features on your face need to be in sync with the vintage wedding hairstyles, you plan to wear. This helps create a flattering look, and helps minimize any disproportions whatsoever on the face too.

Vintage Look Hairstyles

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Why so much homework?

The reason why we insist on choosing the right vintage wedding hairstyles for short hair, long hair or medium hair in sync with your face shape is to keep the laws of proportion in place. Your wedding hairstylist would be able to explain this better for aesthetic reasons.

Vintage Bridal Hairstyles

How To Know Your Face Shape?

This is a very simple and easy task to do.

1. Gather your hair into a ponytail and pull it back from the face, allowing the whole surface of the face to reveal itself.

Vintage Hairstyles For Bride

2. Stand upright and straight in front of your mirror and look at your face.

3. Check where the apex of the face on the forehead is- the apex would be the two temple bones on either side of the contour of the head- your hairline.

Vintage Bun Hairstyles

Don’t just run after trends when trying out the vintage wedding hairstyles for long hair, short hair or medium hair.

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Vintage Hairstyles For Weddings In Summer

What may have looked fabulous on Bollywood divas at their weddings may or may not look the same on you. And you don’t want to mess it up for the D-Day look; do you?

Summer Vintage Bridal Hairstyles

If you have a long face

For women that have a high forehead and a long face, it means they have an oval shaped face and here the aim is to have a hairdo which would show less of the forehead and more of the proportionate cheeks and chin. Here are couple of chic vintage look hairstyles that long or oval face women can wear at their weddings.

Vintage Hairstyles For Oval Face

If you have a square and a small face

Women with square and small faces need to add length to their face. This is why vintage look hairstyles with waves are best to flatter the face with. The hair on top makes the face look longer and broader than the hair below. Allow some hair to curl up and fall over the ears, the cheeks and create a puff to make the head look oval and long too. Here are couple of vintage look hairstyles with small faces.

Vintage Hairstyles For Square Face


If you have a pear shaped small face

There are vintage look hairstyles for pear shaped and small faces too, where we shall play with plenty of edgy bangs and soft curls. This helps soften the cheeks and the ears, the chin too and also brings a flattering look to the face as well. Here are couple of styles to play with.

Vintage Hairstyles For Pear Shaped Face

If you have a diamond shaped face

The diamond shaped face has a very large crown area, which means the forehead and the crown till the occipital bone is exposed. Don’t do chignons and updos here, rather think of horseshoe styles that cover the head at the back and at the crown. Also think of adding less of the length and more of the width with messy updos to balance the look.

Vintage Hairstyles For Diamond Shaped Face

For more information on which of the vintage look hairstyles we have shown you here would suit you the best, ask your wedding makeup and hairstylist artist to sit and try out a few styles with you.

Vintage Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

Take pictures after that and compare the look. If the gut intuition says you look fab, chances are it would help accentuate your beauty on D-Day. All the best and congratulations for the upcoming wedding!


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