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Style Check: 3 Sexiest Hairstyles For Round Faces

by Fashionlady

Sexiest Hairstyles For Round Faces

I have not written on hairstyles in a while. So, I thought of sharing my hairstylist’s suggestions for round faces today!

It’s obvious to see a hairstylist getting bombarded with a single question from almost every client i.e.

What type of haircut or hairstyle is best for my face shape?

Well, the facial structure is the most crucial factor to consider before getting any particular hairstyle, as it can either enhance or ruin your look. For those, who fall in the round face cartel then this issue is the ultimate destination.

Since a circular shaped face features slightly wider cheekbones, it also flaunts a great symmetry. So, you should try out styles that help break up this symmetry. It further incorporates lengths and angles that elongates the face, while hiding the wider looking cheeks.

I offer you 3 sexiest hairstyles, which can complement your round face. Do have a read!

Blonde Bob

This shoulder length hairstyle has been lately made popular by Hollywood celebs like Jennifer Lawrence, Marion Cotillard, Miss Osbourne etc.

blonde bob haircut for round face

In this kind of hairstyle, the cheekbone-grazing layers which flip out from the face are the major highlights, which dramatically hide the circular structure and enhance the beauty of the face. For round face, it is suggested to go for medium length bob cut to look stylish and chic.

This style works best f it is styled in layers, a side partition with medium length. Hair which is naturally on the straighter side works wonders for this style.

How to style this haircut

  • Make a one side partition with your clean dry hair
  • Use 1 ½” sized curling iron to roll the bottom half of your hair. Start from the ears and continue towards neck to have the ‘roller-under’ effect
  • Now curl the top half section of hair and flick the ends. This helps create feathered and winged look

Tip: If the long strands are bothering around your eyes then keep the length long enough to have them tucked behind your ears.

Edgy Bob

The celebs, who have recently joined the short and shaggy bob club include Katy Perry, Enma Watson, Claire Danes, Jennifer Aniston, Rita Ora.

Edgy Bob haircut for round face

This type of hairstyle offers loads of layers, flanked by spiky bangs. And when you highlight this style with deep crimson color, your look just gets a modern edge. The short length is extremely flattering for women with round faces, as it cuts exactly at the jawline.


If you have thicker and straight hair then you should go for this haircut once for your round face. These days bangs are in much fashion. You can give a try as they aren’t overpowering and are proportional to the forehead length.

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Flirty Flip hair style for round face

This hairstyle can go with shorter to medium length on the wavy to straight strands.

How to style this haircut

  • Pat dry your hair and add serum or any of your preferred product to add some volume
  • After slightly combing it blow-dry your strands forward, while keeping the rest of your hair back
  • Use a small round brush to create extra volume in your hair
  • After drying it, use the same brush to curl ends out to create that fun flip

Tip: If you’re not able to create the flip by the above method then go for a round curling iron to flip ends out.

Hope you enjoyed this article and got some valuable tips for your hairstyle!

Stay tuned for similar interesting tips!!

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